Things To Do In Tokyo With Kids – 2018/2019 Ultimate Guide

The best place to bring your kids for vacation is in Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo with kids is great as the city is child friendly, where diverse modern style infuses perfectly with traditional culture. If you are taking a vacation with kids, Tokyo is highly recommended as there’s lots of things to do in Tokyo with kids.

Tokyo is known to be one of the cleanest cities in the world, despite of the large number of population in the metro. Despite Tokyo is also known for its modern structures and latest electronics releases, the country is able to still keep the city clean organized and well kept.

Locals in Tokyo are polite and you do not have to worry about your security. You can walk around Japan streets safely even in the middle of the night with your kids in Tokyo. Just make sure you are able to bring your Google translate app because not everyone in Japan can speak English, But other than that, people are always helpful and friendly. Just be aware that Japanese are private persons, they do not like their pictures taken without their consent. Check out 10 of the best things to do in Tokyo with kids.


10 Best Things To Do In Tokyo With Kids


  1. Enjoy A Fun Day In Disney And Universal Studios

    Kids will surely enjoy a trip to Disney Sea, Disney Park, Lego Land and Universal Studios. Your kids will be able enjoy and have fun interacting with famous characters from different famous cartoon, animation, and heroes on amusement parks, it’s a great thing to do in Tokyo with kids.

    Tokyo both has recreational and entertainment parks for both rival Disney, Lego Company, and Universal studios. To add with, there are also other local Japanese amusement and entertainment parks for in Tokyo to choose from.

  2. Shop And Eat Fish Dishes In Tsukiji Market

    The center of freshest and cleanest fish market in Japan (and probably in the whole world) can be visited in Tsukiji Market. Lately, because of the increasing popularity of Tsukiji Market, it was moved into a bigger and better location just few kilometers away from its original location. Kids will surely enjoy in purchasing, cooking and eating their favorite fish dishes. Even non-fish lovers can also enjoy various food arrays in the market’s restaurants.

    There are also different shops in the market like candy store, fruit stands and a lot more were you and your family can choose from. This is a great thing to do with kids in Tokyo.

  3. Hire A Guided Tour From Asakusa Rickshaw Tour

    A team of young professionals or university students in Tokyo works part time as tour guide and driver at the same time. You can check out the Tokyo Asakusa Rickshaw Tour to request for enthusiastic and fun tour guide for you and your kids. Looking around Tokyo City’s famous landmark is easier because of the tour provided by friendly and often English speaking driver tour guides who will take you to different famous Tokyo tourist destinations.


  4. Take A Tour At The Meiji Shrine

    To know more about Japan’s heritage and culture you must bring your kids to Meiji Shrine. Before, most Japanese Shinto believers, thus the Meiji Shrine was built. The shrine was constructed under Emperor Meiji ruling.

    With kids in Tokyo you can enjoy a walk in the beautiful garden around the shrine, called Yogayi Park. The whole family and your kids can visit the National Yogoyi Stadium  which was built just for the 1964 Olympic. This coming 2020, surely the stadium will be used again for the same purpose.

    Because of the amazing and wonderfully landscape garden in Meiji shrine, a lot of traditional Japanese wedding is held on the shrine.

  5. Taste Authentic Tasty Jaanese Ramen

    Visit Ramen shops in Tokyo to taste a real, healthy, hot and tasty Japanese noodle soup. Kids will choose from various ramen flavors such as beef, chicken, seafood and all new infused flavors as well. There are a lot of ramen restaurant around Tokyo and this is a highly recommended thing to do in Tokyo with kids.


  6. Reach The Top Of The Tokyo Skytree

    Like Paris, Japan also has its own iconic tower. Newly built in the year 2010, the Tokyo Skytree Tower is the tallest skyscraper in the whole country. There are also a lot of tourist spot around the tower like the Sumida Aquarium, Tokyo street shops, and parks.


  7. Cuddle Cats And Drink Milkshakes At Various Cat Cafés

    Cats are adorable. Kids will surely like to pet and enjoy company of cats while drinking milk shakes, coffee, or tea in a unique cat cafe in Tokyo. There are a lot of cat cafes’ can be visited at Shinjuku, Toshima, Taito, Shibuya, Musashino, Chiyoda, and a lot more! If you have children that really love cats then this is a must do thing for kids in Tokyo.


  8. Take Selfies And Enjoy A Shopping Spree At Harajuku District

    The Takeshita Street is filled with array of diverse fashion and accessories shops. Your kids will surely enjoy seeing a lot of people dressed like their favorite anime characters walking around the Harajuku district. There are also a lot of different foreign and local Japanese restaurants around the district if in case you and your kids are tired and need to eat.


  9. Eat At In An Authentic Shabu – Shabu Restaurant

    You can teach your kids to eat healthy vegetables in a Shabu–Shabu restaurant in Tokyo. The whole family can enjoy a nice healthy yet delicious meal. You can also prepare the food yourself! Surely, kids will like that. There are also restaurants that serve traditional Okonomiyaki or known as Monjayaki to Tokyo locals.


  10. Visit Edo Castle

Frolic and be amazed as you stroll on the gardens of Edo Castle in Chiyoda, Toyo. The Edo Castle is now part of the Tokyo Imperial Palace, which shows the intricate culture and architecture of the Edo period, where the shoguns used to reside. The visit to the castle will be a fun tour in Tokyo with kids while learning history from Edo era.


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