Best Cities To Travel In Spain In November 2018/2019

The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona or the Tomatina Fight with tomatoes may not exist in Spain throughout the term of November, but this month is well known for its educational and stunning film, festivals with jazz and guitar. And yes, maybe you won’t be earning a honey-glow under the blazing sun, but you will be broadening your mind with excellent music, food, dance, and more culture than you’ve ever experience before.


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Unlike Madrid in so many ways, it’s sometimes hard to imagine that Barcelona is actually part of the same country – these two cities are just so differently wonderful from each other, with a unique culture all their own, and similar but differently envisioned events. Throughout November, for instance, Barcelona provides a grand photography festival, as well as festivals in film and jazz.


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The Puerto de la Cruz – Canary Islands

Alright, so its rather cold throughout this month. At least, it’s cold everyone in Spain except the Canary Islands – here its so much warmer during November than the mainland, and toward this months end is the excellent festival: San Andres which includes, ‘La Arrastre de L​os Cacharros’ – a rough interpretation is the dragging of pots and pans. Wait, what? Here’s how this boisterous wine-filled event goes down: all the new wine is opened and shared about, and then people literally drag pots and pans noisily through the streets. Talk about culture you wont get anywhere else.


Granada, Andalusia

The International Jazz Festival of Granada is one of the things this area is best known for (especially once November drops into play) Not only is it one of the longest standing jazz festivals in all of Europe (having been started in 1980) but it also supports and hosts some of the greatest musicians of the modern jazz genre.



Madrid is the cultural epicenter of Spain, and is perhaps one of the finest, most fun, fullest (of things to do, and people to meet) capitols in all the world. Through November, this place becomes especially unique, hosting film festivals, jazz concerts, and a panoply of other fun-filled events.


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Potes, Cantabria

Potes? Have you even ever heard of Potes? I’ll be the first to say, that few have heard tale of this town, or even it’s very cool (and refreshing) Orujo Festival

To define ‘Orujo’, we have to talk about wine – especially Spanish wine – and who would have it any other way? In Italy they have a term ‘grappa’ which means some model of brandy distilled from the remains of grapes once they’ve been pressed (post-wine-creation). Orujo is very similar, and uses this solid part of the fruit – and there’s an Orujo festival where everyone is welcome to sample and purchase this strong drink (often referred to as fire water). If you’re in this area, it also has great mountains, perfect for hiking and rock climbing. Although its probably best not to mix your Orujo with your outdoor sports.


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