3-Week Vietnam Itinerary: Ultimate Guide On Things To Do In Vietnam

People are different, and they prefer their tours to be different. Some people will want to spend a month touring in a single city while some will want to walk in and out of one place to another. Vietnam is an exciting place to tour because of its great diversity. It will be crucial if you plan more time in Vietnam itinerary and you will not regret it. People from Vietnam are extremely welcoming, the scenery’s here are breathtaking and the foods are quite delicious. There’s lots of great things to do in Vietnam and our itinerary of Vietnam hopefully helps you plan your trip to this wonderful country.


Places To Visit In Vietnam 3 Week Itinerary

The most recommendable way of touring around Vietnam is by the use of a bus. This way you will be able to come from one side to the other. You can go from the north side to south, but it is easy to reverse the itinerary of Vietnam. Below we’ll provide a great 3 week Vietnam itinerary and explain which cities you should go to and how long you should stay in each city.


Days One To Four: Saigon

Saigon is the other name of Ho Chi Minh City. This is what peoples in Vietnam call this city. It is the best place to begin your 3 week Vietnam tour. You will find a lot of mouthwatering foods in this great city. It has the best monuments, museums, and markets in the nation. Start by going to War Remnants Museum. Here you will learn the great history of Vietnam, and they will also explain to you things you need to know about the American War. It’s suggested to be in Saigon for around 4 nights as there’s lots of things to do in Saigon.


Days Five And Six: Mui Ne

This beach town is a little dusty, but it has you will see a lot of harming sights in the dunes of sand. This Vietnam beach town has various resorts and its one of Vietnams most attractive town. Guesthouses in this town are few and this you may need to use bikes to get to the beaches. The beaches have some sleepy bars perfect for watching surf or taking fresh coconut. Stay in Mui Ne for at least two nights as this city is fun during your itinerary of Vietnam.


Days Seven And Eight: Da Lat

You will be surprised by how much Da Lat has a lot to offer during your travel in Vietnam for 3 weeks. This town is more of a mountain house, and you will get a feeling like that you would get from an Alpine village. You can go to a crazy house or bizarre or spend time viewing sceneries such as Truc Lam temple and cable cars. Spend at least two nights enjoying the cool weather of the town, and you relax.


Days Nine And Ten: Nha Trang

Nha Trang has a lively urban environment, and you will see a lot of beachfront resorts in this town. The town is well known for mud baths that visitors use to prepare both their minds and their body for a bust trip at night. Stay in Nha Trang for one night and then leave with the bus at night on the second day.


Days Eleven To Fourteen: Hoi An

This town is one of the oldest and quite delightful, thus highly suggested for your Vietnam itinerary for 3 weeks. It is a place you will not feel like leaving once you get there. Take your time in the town listening to local musicians who perform in the streets, watching candles as they float on the river and taking cool drinks from the area. You may end up spending more time than you had originally planned. The beaches are overwhelming, and it’s a perfect place to tour. It’s suggested to be in Hoi An for around 4 nights.


Days Fifteen And Sixteen: Hue

You will get more than your expectations at Hue. Visit the citadel at Hue, and you will attest that this is not just a common temple-trekking stop in Asia. The foods in this place are delicious and quite distinctive. Spend around two nights in this town and head to Hanoi on the third night with an overnight bus.


Days Seventeen To Nineteen: Halong Bay

When you get to Hanoi, take a bus heading to Halong Bay. The journey will take around six hours to travel on any of the Halong Bayside. Take another full day in the Bay and experience the exciting environment of the Bay. Get a guest house at Cat Ba Island and spend at least two nights as part of your Vietnam itinerary.


Day Twenty: Depart From Hanoi

After the nineteen day tour then it is finally time to depart from Hanoi. If there is a way you would have dome to increase the Hanoi and the Halong day tour, then it would be prudent to give them a little more time.


Extending Vietnam Itinerary

Having more time does not necessarily mean that you need to visit more places, but it also means that you can add some days to your previous plan. Here are ideas of what to do if you have more than three weeks in Vietnam.

  • Travel to Mekong Delta: there are so many tours that you can go to the Mekong Delta region. This region is on the south of Saigon. You can go to this region for a three-day tour, or you can just take a day trip depending on the amount of time you have. It is one of the places in Vietnam that is quite untouched, and you will get more about the Vietnam pre-war from it.
  • Spend more time in Hanoi: Hanoi is a great place to be, and you will have a great experience especially when you have more time. Adding around three or two night to the itinerary will make it more fun.
  • Spend time in Sapa: you will find the Sapa region on the northern side of Hanoi. This place is very beautiful, and there is no doubt that you will fall in love with it. You can book one of the several tours to Sapa from Hanoi. You can also go there by yourself, and it will be equally amusing.


How To Cut Down Itinerary In Vietnam

If you have less than two weeks to visit both the north and the south of Vietnam, then there are ways you can use to cut down the trip. Here are some adjustments you can consider.

  • Go to Mui Ne or Nha Trang. These two towns are almost similar to one another, and thus with less time, you can decide to visit either. You can relax in one of the towns and avoid the traveling. You can also fail to go to either of them and spend that time in Hoi An as you relish in the sand.
  • Reduce the Saigon trip by one night. You will realize that most of the time here will be spent in the Cu Chi Tunnels. This visit may be distasteful to some people, and they may feel that it is not worth spending too much time there. You can still stay for one less night and still enjoy the sightseeing in the area for three days.
  • Tour to either Hue or Da Lat. Both of these cities a lovely and they are entertaining, but with no otherwise, you can visit one and leave the other. You can later take a flight to take you to Hanoi, Hoi, Hoi An or Saigon.


How To Make Your Vietnam Itinerary More Fun

One thing one is required to do before any tip is to have a good plan on the places to visit, the time to spend there and the amount of money to use. In my opinion, it will be much fun to spend more time in Hanoi and spend less time in the beach towns in the south. You can choose to visit either Mui Ne or Nha Trang, and this will give you more time to spend in Hanoi. You can also cut one night from the Hoi trip or even spend only one night in Hue. You can get to Hue, spend one night and then use a night bus the following day to get to Hanoi.



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