6 Things To Do In Dalat That’s Fun And Free To Do

Those who have visited Vietnam will agree me that apart from Hoi An and Danang, Dalat is the other awesome city you can visit. This hill town is the most impressive city you should visit when you get to Vietnam. There is a load of activities to do in Dalat. There are also several fun and affordable places you can visit here.

You might know that Vietnam is well known for easy rider tours. All you need is to get a bike and a tour guide to guide you through the cities for around $20 to $35. The cost will depend on the places you will cover, and the hours you take in the tour among other things. Vietnam travelers and backpackers will highly recommend people to get this ride when traveling to Dalat. Below is a guide on 6 fun things to do in Dalat.


6 Things To Do In Dalat Vietnam

Visit Chic Off-Beat Cafes For A Cup Of Coffee

You will find several coffee shops when you get to Dalat. Coffee happens to be an ideal drink here since the weather will be mostly chilly. One of the best places to have the best coffee in Dalat is Chic Off-Beat Cafes.


Visiting The Datanla Waterfalls

Datanla falls should be the first stop of your trip. It is located not so far away from the city center of Dalat. It will take you around 15 minutes when driving. You will be charged approximately 13 cents which are around just 3000 VND for parking.

There are several activities to choose from in this place and there a lot of people visiting meaning that the place is incredible. Some of the activities that one can carry out here are water abseiling or canyoning, Cable car ride, and Alpine Coaster. Prepare yourself for some extra clothing in case you want to have some fun canyoning.

If you choose the cable ride, then you might be lucky to get to another epic waterfall in the forest. These falls are less crowded than the main waterfall and this you have a great solo time here. You can, however, decide to walk to this beautiful waterfall instead of taking a cable car and save your $2. The waterfall is open daily from 8 am to 6 pm. You will be charged around $2 which is approximately 45000 VND


Walking Around Quaint Town

This town is quite charming and taking a walk around is a brilliant idea of an activity to do on your first day. Take your camera and go ahead and admire the natural beauty and lovely architecture of this great town.


Hiking At Elephant Falls

Taking a hike on the Elephant falls happens to be a highlight to many tourists. The fall has beautiful scenery, and you will get a better idea of the village life and Dalat as a whole when you take the ride for 40kms. Along the way to the falls, you will see different highways and cross houses designed with different styles, eateries and cut cafes.


Riding A Bike

It is quite fun to ride a bike around the city of Dalat. While on your bike you have an opportunity to choose the views to visit and those not to visit. You can also choose to take a cup of tea and even decide where to stop for an awe-inspiring site. Biking is made more fun in this town because there is negligible traffic and drivers tend to drive a little slower.

Hiring a bike for a day will cost you around $6 which is 120,000. It is crucial to know that you cannot rent a bike in Vietnam for 24 hours and thus you will be required to take it back in the same day. It is, therefore, recommendable to rent it early and have your tour begin as soon as you can. It will be an incredible day of spending time viewing the landscapes and taking photos.


Stop For A Drink At 100 Roofs Café- The Maze Bar Dalat

The maze bar Dalat is also known by the locals as the 100 Roofs café, and it happens to be among the most elegant bars in Dalat. You might find that this bar is all over the internet when looking for the top things to do in Dalat and it is all for a reason. If you want to ask around or direct an Uber, tell them about the 100 Roof Café for this is what most people seem to know it as.

The bar is made with a maze, and it has many floors. You will also find different stairways which will take you to the corner with the new peculiar room. The décor and artifacts used in the bar are quite amazing, and the beautiful seating pots make the look even more fantastic. There are also chairs and tables cushioned comfortably in an enclosure with a cavefish design.

You will love the walk around the places without knowing where a particular path will lead you. You may take two staircases thinking that they will take you on the upper floor and they would lead you to different places. Do not fail to visit this fantastic bar at any cost and you will have fun trying to find your way.

You will not be charged any fee to get to the 100 roofs café. One is however supposed to get a drink from the counter as they get in the bar. Ensure you get in the bar early so that you can have an experience in the rooftop which will be closed at 9 pm. The bar, on the other hand, is closed at midnight.


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