Zion National Park: Things You Should Know Before You Go

As you go through the Zion National Park along Scenic Highway, you will be impressed by what you see. The sight can be expressed as incredible, intimidating, imposing and impressive view. You will pass through the narrow, and winding read weaves as you view the jangles mountaintops, rocky areas and checkered mesas. The rock formation has a bright orange color, and you may be tempted to think that they just solidified recently. They give you an opportunity to feel the moment for they will not show you a geologic activity that happened so many years ago. The landscape of rocks is dotted by evergreen shrubs and trees. You will see some mountain goats and dears running from one place to another during the trip.

You may have gone to different National Parks like Bryce, Canyonlands or Arches but you may need to have a plan for the Zion National Park. You will get entertained from the very introduction of Zion, and you will get more relevance for nature.

As you go on you will get to a dark tunnel full of darkness. If you have no idea of this experience, you might end up getting into worries if you will get out of it. However the moment there will be impressive and you will love it for sure. Layers and towers of rocks will be surrounding you in all directions. The Utah and Zion National parks were picked to beat at the top of the reason, and you can be assured that there is a good reason for that.

Below are some things to know about national park of Zion for you to have a successful trip:


How To Arrive At Zion National Park

The nearest airport in Las Vegas, Nevada is McCarran International Airport. It will take you two to three hours to get Zion National Park from Las Vegas. There are different companies in the airport that you can rent one. Ensure however you have the secrets of car rentals money saving.

If you are in Bryce National Park and Utah National Parks then it will take you one and half hours’ drive. You will spend five hours to get to Zion National Park from Canyonlands or Arches National Park. If you are coming from Grand Canyon or Monument Valley, then the trip will take approximately four hours.


Cost Of Getting In Zion National Park?

A private car pass and that of its passenger’s costs 30 dollars and its validity lasts for seven days. Look for the secrets of saving money on park fees if you are planning to go several National Parks.


Can You Stay At A Hotel By Zion National Park?

Just outside the visitor center and the entrance to Zion is the Gateway to Springdale town. In this town, you will find inns, B&Bs, and hotels a few minutes away from the entrance of the National Park.

The only resort you will find in the park is the Zion National Park Lodge. Most of the hiking trails start at the lodge. There is also some horseback riding excursions at horse corral which is on the other side of the street. The Zion Shuttle will bring the guest up to the lodge since it transports visitors to different areas of the park. Many people prefer to stay at the Zion Lodge because they get an opportunity to enjoy park tranquility in the evening and the morning after and before the other tourists go and come.

For you to stay in the lodge, you need to make reservations in advance recommendable 13 months before. The record of people who will be staying in the lodge is given on the first day of every month. It also gets filled up quickly, and thus it will be prudent to make your booking ASAP if you have the plans to visit Zion National Park. You can modify and cancel the booking for free two days before the arrival day.

There are three campgrounds in the Zion National Park. The campgrounds are usually very busy, especially during the spring season. It will be prudent and more convenient for you to make reservations early in advance. If possible, it is advisable that you get to the campgrounds early in advance to get the best spot.


Things You Need To Have When Visiting Zion National Park For A Day

If you have a plan to go to the park, then you should prepare well. This means that you should have enough insect repellent, sunscreen, water, food and any other thing you think you will need for the activities of the day. There is a café at the Zion Lodge which serves various lunch options and basic breakfast. There are also convenience stores, supermarkets, and cafes that offer takeaway sandwiches and snacks at Springdale.


Best Activities In Zion National Park

There are very many activities in the Park for all age groups and interests. Some hikes in the Zion National Park are world famous below are just ideas of some of the activities that will interest you in Zion National Park:

  • Tour the Court of the Patriarchs
  • Have a walk on the Riverside
  • Hike the Narrows
  • Go for hiking in the Canyon Overlook or at Angels Landing
  • Go for horseback riding
  • Go for Canyoneering
  • Drive through the Zion-Mount Carmel Scenic Highway
  • View the Weeping Rock the Hanging Gardens
  • Watch wildlife
  • Go for bike trailing along the Virgin River
  • Visit the Emerald Pools


Are You Allowed To Drive In Zion National Park?

The parking and driving situation around the Zion National Park is quite busy. You will, therefore, be required to have prior planning for you to have the best of the time you spend in the park.

The Mount Carmel- Zion national park Scenic highway goes through the mountain between the Springdale town and Mount Carmel town along route nine. This road can be used by drivers who want to pass through as well as the tourists in the park. On both sides of this freeway are park entrances booths where drivers are asked to show their park pass or pay the entrance fee. This is the only road available for visitors to drive along from March to the end of October.

As much as there are small parking spaces and pull-offs by the Scenic Highway where trailheads start and where people can take photos, it will be prudent if you do not make any plans to drive to the park during the day. You can instead park your car at the Springdale main road and go to the Zion Visitor Center using the town shuttle which is free. You will have a high probability of getting parking at Springdale depending on how early you arrive. If you happen to be staying in Springdale in a hotel, it will be advisable not to get your car from their parking. Go to a shuttle stop near you on common road it will take you to the visitor center or the park entrance.

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