Things To Do In San Diego With Kids – Ultimate 2018/2019 Edition

There is a lot of fun things to do in San Diego with kids. People of all ages will get so much entertainment in the southern part of California town. We will give the best attractions for kids in San Diego from experience.

We will also tell you about the best Hotels around that place. All this information will be to assist you to get the very best experience when you take your kids for a vacation in San Diego. Read on to see our list of the 10 best things to do in San Diego with kids.


Best Things To Do In San Diego With Kids

  1. The Beach

    The beach is at the top of the list when looking for fascinating places in San Diego with kids. There are many surf-able waves and long sandy beaches in this city in south California. You can take your family to these beaches to build sand castles on the shores, go sea- kayaking or even take some surfing lessons. The beauty and the fun of the beaches in San Diego are all the same irrespective of the time of the month that you visit. You will have a lot of space to relax during the spring seasons since the temperatures are much cooler. During summer you will find so many families here having their picnics. The winter is a little too chilly for swimming, but if you must swim, then you can go to the wetsuits. It is a good place to watch birds such as seagulls dive to get their foods and also to listen to the waves of the ocean.


  2. San Diego Zoo Safari Park

    This is a sister property to the main San Diego Zoo that is well known for its impressiveness. The best thing about it is that it’s not as crowded to compared to the main one and it’s a great thing to do with kids in San Diego. It has a lot of similarity with the African Savannah, and many tourists are quite excited to see them. Tourists here will have a view of Cape buffaloes, giraffes, and rhinos. If you want to get close to the animals in the Safari Caravan, then you will have to pay some additional charges. There are also other memorable adventures in the Safari Park. Go to the Lorikeet Landing and buy a cup of nectar and enjoy it during the travel. If you are traveling on a warm day, you can carry some swimming costumes for the children. They can go to the Savannah Cool Zone to cool themselves off. You can also pay an extra fee and zip-line over the wild animals heads at San Diego Zoo Safari Park


  3. Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

    In this reserve, you will get to see wildflowers, prickly pear cactus, desert brush, twisty Torrey Pine among other native plants. You can explore the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve from eight trails. One of the best is the Beach Trail. The trail slopes three quarters a mile to the beach from the sea-cliff. You will have a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean, and you will like it. Guy Fleming Trail is an easier path since it has a two-third-mile loop. Families who have kids with them will most probably prefer the Guy Fleming Trail. Discovery Trail can be used by anyone else including those who are using wheelchairs. It is a half a mile from the Torrey Pines Lodge, and you will get all the information about the native florae. For outdoor lovers, this is a great activity to do with kids.


  4. LEGOLAND California

    The LEGOLAND California, unlike other parks that are full of passive entertainment this park has quite interactive attractions. You will like it as a parent. Children will have time to drive pint-sized cars at Volvo Driving School. Here there are and stop signs to direct the kids as they drive. San Diego with children can make LEGO Mindstorms computerized robots or make and race LEGO vehicles. The parents will be involved in the Police and Fire Academy as they pile the police cars or fire trucks. You can also get park hoppers or extra tickets for the view and explore the LEGOLAND Water Park and Sea Life Carlsbad Aquarium. Bigger tourists will have some exciting slides while young ones will love the mellow waterslides and fountains. This is one of the best things to do in San Diego with kids and you should not miss this.


  5. San Diego Zoo

    When you go to San Diego with children, do not leave until you visit this well-known zoo. This San Diego zoo is known to be among the Wolds best zoological centers. People who love animals will be wowed. The zoo is home to four thousand animals in the zoo, and they represent eight hundred species. Some of them include bears, tigers, and lions to mention just a few. Visitors will also be fascinated by giant pandas, dragons, Komodo and koalas among other animals here. You can go to the zoo canopy by taking the SkyFari Aerial Tram so that you can see the animals from above. Children will most likely love to go to the children’s Zoo. There is the Fisher-Price Discovery Playground there for the kids to play, interact with sheep, goats and mellow creatures, dive in the bi-level exhibit and watch other playful otters as they swim


  6. Cabrillo National Monument

    To learn the history of San Diego, you should take your kids to Cabrillo National Monument. You can also go and have a view of the city and the ocean and later take a hike on the Bayside Trail. The national monument is named after the first expeditions from Europe to explore United States West Coast in 1542. He was known as Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. The best of it all is to go to the Old Point Loma Lighthouse. The display of the lighthouse tools and furnishings here will give you the glimpse of what used to be there in the 1800s


  7. Carlsbad Flower Fields

    Tourists like to go to the flower fields, and Carlsbad is the place to have the fascinating flower smell. It is also an ideal place to take posy photos with your family and friends. The fields are more than fifty acres covered with different types of flowers. You will love the colorful nature of the fields. There is a Santa playground for young children where they can slide and climb as they enjoy their time. Much older kids can spend their time at stamp stations filling their paper passports. The fields will be open from March until the year ends and it’s a great thing to see in San Diego with kids.


  8. La Jolla Cove

    The cove is popular for its upscale dining options and designer shops. The La Jolla, however, is the best place to enjoy the outdoor activities. It is a comfortable place to listen to music as you eat a picnic lunch. You can then go to the Scripps Parkway to have the wonderful view of the ocean and later peer at California Harbor Seals or walk beside sea-cliffs as you enjoy the children’s pool. A concrete breaker is used to protect the cove. The view of the ocean waves is quite overwhelming, and your whole family will like the La Jolla beautiful sight. This is one of the nicest areas of San Diego and is a must do in San Diego with kids.


  9. San Diego Botanic Garden

    The Botanic Garden in San Diego is 37-acres. It contains four themed gardens which are placed on four different trails. The Children garden known as the Seeds of Wonder is made for small children mainly those in kindergarten. It features soapy water tubs and wads that children can use to make bubbles. Other things here are model railroad tracks, which have trains that go through the garden, playhouse that is child-sized and buried plastic dinosaurs used for digging up.


  10. SeaWorld San Diego

This is the most popular sight for animals in the oceans such as sea lions and dolphins at SeaWorld San Diego. You will also see some more communal animals in the pets rule show such as geese, pigs, cats and dogs among others. The Aquariums are full of sea life like the walk-through shark tank and is a fun thing to do in San Diego with kids. Young ones have been provided for a three sweet ride at the Sesame Street Bay of Play. More adventurous visitors to the park should consider Shipwreck Rapids, and Manta rides. You will get a more special treat by booking a Premier Experience such as Penguins Up-Close Tour or Dine with Shamu meal.




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