Seattle Layover Guide – Sea-Tac Airport

Have you ever experienced getting on a layover at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport? You must have probably loved staying at the airport or going out of the city. The airport is situated only 13 miles away from downtown Seattle. With its accessibility from various establishments and leisure destinations, your Seattle layover will definitely be a blast.

The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport features a couple of business establishments in the premises. You will find shopping boutiques, famous restaurants, and other interesting facilities inside. The airport even offers pet care services, foreign currency exchanges, and more.

The airport management does not provide luggage lockers for their passengers. In case you want to go out of the airport and explore the city, then you could just get the services of Ken’s Baggage Storage & Rentals. This business establishment can be found along the Baggage Claim Area in the middle of Carousel 12 and Carousel 13. If you don’t want the hassle of bringing along some of your baggage, you could just have them shipped through the airport’s Send It Home services.


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Staying at a luxury hotel can also be an option for those who are having long layovers. Seattle abounds in different accommodation choices. You may check the internet for the list of hotels in the area.

Once you decide to explore Seattle, know that there are different transportation modes available. You could ride a taxi or rent a limousine. You may also take public transportation systems or just ride a shuttle bus. Make sure that you enjoy every minute of your layover by appreciating the beautiful place of Seattle.

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