Rideshare Apps In New York City (2018/2019 Edition): 7 Best Rideshare Apps In NYC

You are planning to use Lyft or Uber when you take a trip to New York City; then you should be ready for quite an expensive trip. It is crucial to have information about rideshare apps in NYC that you can use. Their services are somewhat cheaper compared to those of Lyft or Uber. Many of the people in New York use the rideshare services, and these amazing ups are leads from a local living in New York City for rideshare apps.


7 Best Rideshare Apps For New York City

  1. Uber in NYC

Uber is the most expensive rideshare app in New York City. At times it does not make any sense to charge more since some drivers still work for other rideshare companies. New members in the app are given a discount of $20 while the existing customers are given a discount of $10 for discount codes that can be found online.


  1. Lyft in NYC

When there was a boycott in NYC on Uber in New York City, then the Lyft probably had their business increase. They offer a lot of credits off, and you may find that the fare will get lower than expected. You can be given referral discounts, and this makes the trip even cheaper. It is much cheaper compared to Uber, and their services are excellent. If you are having some busy day, then this service can save you quite a lot of money and is a great rideshare app in NYC.


  1. ViA in NYC

Via of all the rideshare companies in NYC happens to be the cheapest option for taking you around the city. You will be charged $5 during the week when you take a ride between 6 AM and 8 PM. You will be required to purchase a pre-ride credit if you want to take rides around Manhattan.


Prices to rides to and from the airport

  • Getting a ride to LaGuardia Airport will cost you $24.95, and you will add tolls and tax.
  • Getting a ride to John F. Kennedy airport will cost you $39.95 plus the tolls and tax.
  • Getting a ride to Newark International Airport will cost you $49.95 plus the tolls.


The prices stated here are only for a single person. Having more passengers will mean that you give an additional of $5 for each person to the total fare. Irrespective of these Vua has the best fare when traveling around Manhattan during the weekdays.

Many will attest that Via uses luxurious SUVs and will take you through the straight routes in the city. This is one thing that makes it more preferable compared to the others. You will also find it in Washington DC and Chicago.

If you are a new passenger and you sign up for the Via referral code, you are given a $10 discount. If you happen some credit in Via, then you will be able to use it when you use their rideshare in NYC.


  1. Gett in NYC

One outstanding thing about the Gett is that they have not been put into surge pricing. You will pay the same price irrespective of how busy it is and is one of the best New York City rideshare apps. This means that you will be charged $10 flat fee when traveling in Manhattan for a ride that will take thirty minutes and 4 miles. It is an exemplary option for people looking for cheap rides to use around the city. New members gets a discount of $5 for their next ten rides when they sign up using the Gett referral link. You get $15 credit when you refer a friend, and they take the first ride.


  1. Juno in NYC

This NYC rideshare app is known to be the best socially responsible. They give their clients a smaller offer for every ride you take with them. They also offer some company shares to their drivers. The Juno rideshare does not have a referral program, but their first-time customers are given a discount of 30% when they download their application.


  1. Curb in NYC

Curb partner with different taxi companies in New York such as NYC Green Cabs and NYC Yellow Cabs. It is a good option for a taxi, and you will get $5 discount when you ride with them for the first time. The best thing about their referral program is that it is not compulsory to use all referral credits to ride once. If you happen to use less than $5 on the ride, then you apply the balance on your next ride with them.


  1. Arro in NYC

Many people may not be aware of this taxi app. It stands out from the others since you can pay for the one you are riding in or hail a taxi. You can use the app to make the payment as soon you make the download even when in the midst of a ride. You can use Arro in San Francisco, Houston, Chicago or Boston. Arro, for now, does not have a referral program but still a very convenient method of paying for your rides.

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