Portland Breweries – Best Breweries In Portland (2018/2019 Guide)

Where the place everyone is joyful for cheers and celebration, where else? I guess you already have heard about Portland, a place in Oregon.

For beer lovers, this city is the best place for you with lots of Portland breweries. You can literally and figuratively hop from one brewery to another brewery to sample different tasty and brewed to perfection beers. We’ve got a list for you of the best breweries in Portland.

There are actually more than a hundred breweries in Portland; however we only are able to list down 100 for you to visit. As a matter of fact, there is a new brewing company being listed almost every month in Oregon!

But hey! 100 brewing companies are quite a number already. So take your time to go on the list we prepared for you of the best Portland breweries and check out Google map on what is the most convenient brewing company you might want to visit first.

Let us start with top 10 best brewing companies in Portland, Oregon, based on the official Brewers Association evaluation(basing on online survey and consumer familiarity of the brewery, but popularity can change swiftly depending on season and marketing strategy by each brewery): Checked out below for the best breweries in Portland, Oregon.


Best Breweries in Portland in 2018

  1. Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House
  2. Base Camp Brewing Company
  3. Fat Head’s Brewery
  4. Cascade Brewing Barrel House
  5. Breakside Brewery
  6. 10 Barrel Brewing Co
  7. Great Notion Brewing and Barrel House
  8. Back Pedal Brewing
  9. Ex Novo Brewing
  10. Culmination Brewing


And the rests are, in alphabetical order of Portland Breweries:

  1. 11th Avenur Liqour
  2. 13 Virtues Brewing Co
  3. Alameda Brewing
  4. Alberta Brewing Company
  5. Allagash Brewing Company
  6. Arlington Club
  7. Assembly Brewing
  8. Austin Street Brewery
  9. BTU
  10. Baerlic Brewing company
  11. Battery Steele Brewing
  12. Bethany Brewing
  13. Bissell Brothers Brewing
  14. Black Water Bar
  15. Black Water Brewing
  16. Bodega Beer
  17. Brew Dr. Kombucha
  18. Brewed By Gnomes
  19. Brewery 26
  20. Brewery in Planning
  21. Brewhausen, LLC
  22. BridgePort Brewing
  23. Broadway Grill and Brewery
  24. Buckman Botanical Brewery
  25. Bunker Brewing company
  26. Burnside Brewing
  27. Cascade Brewing Company
  28. Chill N Fill
  29. Cinema 21
  30. Coalition Brewing
  31. Columbia River Brewing
  32. Concordia Brewery
  33. Ecliptic Brewing (has a brewery tour)
  34. Fire on the Mountain
  35. Fringe Meadery
  36. Gateway Brewing
  37. Gigantic Brewing Company
  38. Grateful Deaf Brewing
  39. Grixsen Brewing
  40. Hair of the Dog Brewing Company
  41. Harvester Brewing
  42. Hopworks Urban Brewery
  43. Humble Brewing
  44. Kells Brew Pub
  45. Killer Burger
  46. Labrewatory
  47. Laurelwood Brewing
  48. Leikam Brewing
  49. Lion Heart Kombucha
  50. Lompoc Brewing
  51. Lucky Labrador Brewing Company
  52. The Mash Tun Brewpub
  53. Max’s Fanno Creek Brew Pub
  54. McMenamins
  55. Migration Brewing
  56. Montavilla Brew Works
  57. Moonshrimp Brewing
  58. Mt Tabor Brewing
  59. Nationa Brewery
  60. Occidental Brewing
  61. Old Market Pub and Brewery
  62. Old Town Brewing
  63. One Nation Brewing Company
  64. Oregon Public House
  65. Peninsula Beerworks
  66. Pints Brewery
  67. Pono Brewing Company
  68. Portland Brew Bus
  69. Portland Brewing Company
  70. Portland U-Brew and Pub
  71. Raccoon Lodge Brew Pub
  72. Rogue Ales Distillery and Public House
  73. Rosenstadt Brewery
  74. Royale Brewing Company
  75. Ruse Brewing
  76. Sasquatch Brewing Company
  77. Scout Beer Garden
  78. Scout Brewing
  79. Seven Bridges Winery
  80. Splash Bar
  81. StormBreaker Brewing
  82. Stung Fermented
  83. The Commons Brewery
  84. Tugboat Brewing
  85. Unicorn Brewing
  86. Upright Brewing Company
  87. VanPort Brewing
  88. Wayfinder Beer
  89. Widmer Brothers Brewing
  90. Zoiglhaus Portland




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