Layover In Washington DC: Dulles Airport Layover Guide

Do you always feel bored when you are stuck on a layover? The next time that you experience a layover at the Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD), make sure that you make every second a meaningful moment. You can actually do a lot of things both inside the airport premises and outside of it. The area of Washington DC is filled with interesting things for those who would like to experience leisure, fun, and travel-worthy experiences. The airport is located only 25 miles away from the downtown area of the city.

The Washington Dulles International Airport serves as a primary hub for various airlines such as Air France, American Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa, United, and Virgin among others. The airport has a specially dedicated area for military personnel. The USO Lounge can be found at the Arrivals Area of the Main Terminal. You will need to have a military ID in order to enter.

Don’t worry about mobile connectivity while you are in the airport because internet access is offered in the vicinity. The airport management has also prepared group tours for students who are visiting Washington. You will simply have to fill out their application form to get the service.

If you feel exhausted from the flight, you may choose to stay at any of the hotels in Washington DC. You could check the internet for a comprehensive list of hotels and apartments for your layover rest.

If you got a long layover time, you may decide to leave the airport and go to other places in the city. Once you have made up your mind, you could choose from the different transportation options at the airport. The Washington Flyer Taxis is the primary provider of taxi services at the Washington Dulles International Airport. They have endless operations for those who are traveling from the airport to any destination possible. Be prepared to pay around 60 USD for a single journey to the city center. If you want a hassle-free ride, you could make an early booking by calling 703-572-8294.

Apart from the taxi, the airport also offers Super Shuttle Services. You could also take the Metrorail with ticket booths at the Washington Flyer Coach located at Arrivals Door # 4 of the Main Terminal.

Another mode of transportation is the Virginia Regional Transit. This offers transfer from the airport to the Smithsonian National Air and the Space Museum’s Udvar-Hazy Center. The price per journey is only around 0.5 USD. You could find the bus at the curbside 2E of the Main Terminal.


Things To Do During A Layover In Washington DC Dulles Airport

See The White House

As a very important seat of power, it would be so wonderful to personally see the White House. It is situated at Pennsylvania Avenue and can be visited only upon the endorsement of a Congressman. But if you just suddenly thought about coming here, don’t worry because the White House has a Visitor Center at the corner of 15 Street and E Street. You could visit the center every day from 7:30 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon.


Take A Peek At The National Monuments

You have to know that Washington DC is the capital city of the United States of America. As its capital, it is unsurprising why statues of notable personalities abound in the area. Make sure that you take photographs of the monuments of these people because they form part of the country’s rich history.


A Tour Of Washington D.C.

A short layover will only allow you to get a view of the neighborhood and a taste of local cuisines. You can explore the city by biking along the streets or by riding the buses. It would also be nice to carry along a camera in order to capture some of the most beautiful sights in Washington D.C.


Visit The Museums At The Smithsonian

To be able to maximize your time at the Smithsonian Institution Building, we suggest that you take a map with you. By doing this, you can think about the different paths you could tread in order to explore the entire place. There are actually more than 19 museums that you could visit at the Smithsonian.

Have A Walk At Georgetown

Just to experience the Washington vibes, you could simply stroll along the neighborhood of Georgetown. Pass along Wisconsin Avenue and stop for a local food tour.


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