Layover In Newark Airport (EWR) Guide And Tips

The Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) in New Jersey is a very busy airport that is located around 15 miles away from Manhattan, New York. It is a very accessible area to various American tourist spots and key destinations. If you happen to get on a layover at this airport, don’t worry because you will definitely not get bored with all the services offered by the management and the other activities you could do in the New Jersey Area.during a layover in Newark airport.

Wireless Internet connection is available upon application at the Boingo Wireless Company in all terminals. Check internet rates here. There are also numerous restaurants, dining establishments, and bars which could satisfy your cravings and fill your hunger. If you still need to get some souvenirs or other things, then you could drop by the shops located in the airport. See more details about terminal establishments and services here.

Newark Layovers are the best time to experience ultimate pampering and relaxation. Instead of wasting your time on nothing, why don’t you get a massage, nail polish or facial treatment? Various services are offered at the Departure Spa located at Terminal C just near Gate 92. Know about their rates here.

You could also leave your luggage through the NBS Storage and Delivery which is situated at the Arrivals Area of the Continental Terminal. Their operations are 24 hours daily Note, however, that this left luggage service is only available for Continental passengers. Get more details by calling (908) 933-0503.

If you plan on leaving the airport to breathe some New Jersey air or see famous tourist attractions, then you could ride the AirTrain which can bring you to Manhattan without difficulty. Other transportation options include taxicabs, rental cars, and van services that can bring you around New Jersey or at the nearby areas of New York. Click here to know more about bus services and taxi rides. You may also check out the schedules for NJ Transit Bus Lines here. The airport also has parking services for those who need to leave their cars on the premises.


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New Jersey Newark EWR Layover Suggestions

Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is among the most popular destinations in the city of New York. We only recommend coming to this place if you have a lot of time to spare. The attraction could be extremely busy because of tourists flocking to this place. But if you are willing to spend more than the regular price, you could actually pay the Express Ticket which costs around 35 USD to get to the deck in only 20 minutes.


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Rockefeller Center & Rock Observation Deck

The Rockefeller Center opens up fun possibilities for various activities. You could go to the Rock Observation Deck and see stunning views. You may also get into a shopping spree or a gastronomic adventure. We really prefer coming to the Rock Observation Deck instead of the Empire State Building because there are lesser crowds in the venue. Be prepared to be amazed by the three floors of the observation center.


Central Park

The Central Park is among the most iconic places in America. You could just spend quiet moments of deep thinking in this place. Make sure that you bring along some friends and family members as you stroll along the Central Park. Among the things to love in the park are the carousel, skate park, Wollman skate rink, horse-drawn carriage, and strawberry fields, among others.


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Scott’s Pizza Tours

Who would ever want to miss an authentic New York Style Pizza? Don’t make your layovers regrettable by missing the delicious pizza of New York restaurants. You may even decide to have a pizza tour and taste the different products of the top pizzerias in the city.


Statue Of Liberty And Ellis Island

Going to the Ellis Island is a wonderful start to understand the history of America even further. The Ellis Island was used by more than 12 million immigrants to enter the country long ago. You will find it very amusing to witness the archeological remnants at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. You will have to take a ferry going to the Statue of Liberty. Make sure that you are not carrying any deadly weapon or sharp objects as you travel to the Statue of Liberty because intense security checks are in place.


Broadway Show

Broadwaybox, Theatermania, and Playbill are among the widely visited places in New York. Wouldn’t it be so memorable to witness even just one Broadway performance?


Ground Zero Museum Workshop

New York is among the unfortunate locations where one of the September 11, 2001 attacks transpired. It would really be an awakening experience to visit the Ground Zero Museum Workshop in order to appreciate humanity even further. The entire location is around 12 million sq. ft.


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