Grand Canyon With Kids 2018/2019 Ultimate Guide- Things To Do In Grand Canyon With Kids

Grand Canyon with kids is truly such an amazing place. The dry yet sometimes windy desert land shows off its grandeurs of beauty and a display of nature’s transformation phase. The combination of rocky and sandy sculpted mountains that stretched as far as your eyes can see is astonishingly jaw dropping. The lines on the edge of the mountain rocks signify years and years of its birth, changes and survival for thousands of years.

On the way to the Grand Canyon with kids, there are pit stops you can gas up, eat and shop for souvenirs. Basically it will be a fun trail and vacation for you and your kids.

You can bring or rent tents to camp in the Grand Canyon or you can conveniently book hotel reservations for accommodations.


How To Visit Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is located in the wide land area of Arizona, United States of America. The Grand Canyon is so huge that its territory is covered by six national parks: Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument, Kaibab National Forest, Hualapai India Reservation, Havasupai Indian Reservation, and the Navajo Nation.

You can travel there by car or plane. But there is no airport near the area so you still need to ride tour shuttle buses, or use private cars going there. If you are traveling from other countries, you have to obtain US tourist visa to be able to enter the country. Check out US embassy requirements, and file for tour visa to Grand Canyon.


Perfect Time To Take A Vacation In Grand Canyon

What so nice about planning a vacation to Grand Canyon with kids, the location of the Grand Canyon National Park has mostly have perfect weather for trekking, hiking, rock and mountain climbing, camping, and all forms of adventure activities around the park.

The park is a desert so expect a hot weather where temperature ranges from 40 to 80 Degrees Fahrenheit. Basically, the park is open all year round, except there are times during winter that it’s difficult to navigate through harsh weather like extreme cold weather or sand storms.


Things To Do In Grand Canyon With Kids


  1. Trek And Climb On Top Of One Of The Grand Canyon’s Peak

    Challenge your family and kids to be able to successfully reach the top of one of Grand Canyon’s peak together. It will be a fun activity considering you will all enjoy the view once you reached the top on one of the mountain peaks there. You can check out Arizona Grand Canon local tourist administration for perfect day trek site that fits you and your kids. Just make sure you always take a precaution and bring safety ropes, safety harness or toddler carrier, and other security tools to make your trek safer. Grand Canyon with kids often has remarkably tricky edges that you should take an extra careful passing through.


  2. Overnight Camp With Your Family

    What better way to enjoy and frolic in the magnificent beauty of the Grand Canyon with kids is to stay there overnight? Whether you took the day trip trek or just go there for a camp, it will be a good experience. Waking up seeing the sunrise behind the colorful (in orange, red, yellow, white and even black rocky mountain edges) Grand Canyon is the best view ever!


  3. Take Selfies Of The Grand Canyon

    For an Instagram worthy selfie pose, no better way to do it is having the Grand Canyon behind your photo shot! You can have different angles, poses, and sun directions all you want. It is a selfie worth taking a shot!


  4. Indulge In Rock Climbing Activity

    There are tour guided companies that allow a real life rock climb activities in Grand Canyon with kids. Check out rock climbing for kids. The organizers also provide a fun rock yet safe rock climbing activity for young ones too, but on a safer ground and low heights.


  5. Helicopter Ride To Tour Around The Grand Canyon

    If you have a little bit more budget, you can experience an extra ordinary tour by frolicking above the Grand Canyons. The overview sight of the magnificent rocky mountains is extraordinary. You can even get a chance to see the entire Grand Canyon from all the 6 parks above ground!


  6. Visit The Traditional Native American Community

    Take your family and kids to the Navajo Park to check out the history and community of Native Americans. You can even celebrate and dance with the Navajo Dance Troupe in Grand Canyon.


  7. Enjoy Sight Seeing To Famous Pit Stops

    With the high temperature in Arizona, there are pools and other waterparks that you and your family can visit like the Slide Rock State Park. The park is a natural waterpark that you can dip to soothe out the hot weather on your way to Grand Canyon with kids. There are also burger joints, souvenir shops, restaurants and other shops you can visit along the way to Grand Canyon. You will never have a dull moment on your travel.


  8. Visit The Walnut Canyon

    Make sure you will not miss stopping by the Native American ruins in Montezuma Castle or Walnut Canyon. Be amazed about the culture and artistry of the native Americans in the past.


  9. Take A Picture Of The Mysterious Meteor Crater

    The Meteor Crater in nearby Winslaw is a very huge hole as big as 20 football fields. The famous to Meteor Crater that was made by a humongous meteor rock entered the earth surface from over 50 thousand years ago. The crater hole is a bit far from most tourist area in Grand Canyon with kids but it is worth taking the track to see the meteor hole.


  10. Relive The Famous Old Route 66

Your kids are surely familiar with the Route 66, and might scream in excitement if you bring them there. From the famous Disney movie cartoon Cars, which red racing car Lightning McQueen and its best friend a funny tow-truck, Mater leads the movie. Cars Land at Disneyland. Take pictures of the real life versions of the roads, and settings from the animated movie.

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