Best Instagram Pictures In Los Angeles: Top 26 Spots For Instagram Photos

Well, if not everyone, most people are now into Instagram and when they go to a new city they want to know the top spots for Instagram pictures in Los Angeles. Most people use the online photo sharing site as an expression of their thought, or a digital diary. Whatever the reason, one phone can stand out depending on the angle, lighting and location of the shot.

With Los Angeles, where every Hollywood dream comes true even just by stepping in the city and is able to bump into famous Hollywood stars, visiting significant places in the city, eat on fancy restaurants, shop on trendy stores, and walk though iconic landmarks, would definitely give the Instagram photo which everyone on your IF followers will be amazed of. We’ve got a list of the best Instagram pictures in Los Angeles that you should take,

If you happen to be in LA, be sure to get a good shot of the best and famous places like Hollywood Sign, The Getty Center, Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Santa Monica Pier, and more! Check out our list of the top 26 best Instagram pictures in Los Angeles.


Best Instagram Photos To Take In Los Angeles

  1. Hollywood Sign

    Everyone knows the famous and iconic Hollywood sign. You surely can get a lot of approval and like by posting on your Instagram that you have been to Hollywood!

  2. Santa Monica Pier

    Visit and take picture of the huge the 100 years old iconic pier and feel like a tourist.

  3. Hollywood Walk of Fame

    Just pick your favorite famous artist and take the best angle of the name of the star.

  4. LA River

    Who do not know anything about the iconic River? Take a photo and melt the heart of your IG followers.

  5. Disneyland Castle in Los Angeles

    There is a lot of other Disneyland around the world by Disneyland in California is such a great deal!

  6. Universal Studios Hollywood Colette Miller’s Angel Wings Project

    It never fails to wow people for few pictures of the Universal studio, especially in Hollywood.

  7. Hollywood Boulevard

    The fancy houses and Californian shops can be a great deal for an IG photo.

  8. Griffith Observatory

    Planetarium, Telescope, celestial, and astronomical museum

  9. Muscle Beach

    Make sure to have a slender and beach fit body in front of a gym in a beach!

  10. Lamps at LACMA / Los Angeles County Museum of Art

    There are hundreds possible photos that can be taken on the 10 acre land in the LA county Museum.

  11. Rodeo Drive

    Simplicity can be an amusing photo op.

  12. Stairs at Barneys New York Beverly Hills

    You can never go wrong for a stairway shot.

  13. Griffith Park

    There is a hiking Trails and zoo (LA) in the Griffith Park, but it would be nice to capture the bust streets of LA.

  14. The Getty Centre

    Entrance to the museum is free but you are only alive to take pictures outside the building. But it’s worth an IG post!

  15. Universal City Walk

    The busy street of Los Angeles can bring a good shot for Instagram.

  16. Hollywood Bowl

    It is fun to take picture of the famous outdoor for live concerts.

  17. Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

    This is a movie palace often venue for Hollywood movies and annual prestigious awards.

  18. The Springs: Famous Artist Mural / Polka Dot Wall

    Murals and street art can be a good background or main picture for IG.

  19. Tongva Park

    Play, area, and gardens will surely be a playful shot.

  20. Little Tokyo

    California is a diverse place of culture and arts, pose or take a few photos of peaceful little Japan.

  21. Venice Beach Canals

    Artificial canal, which may look astounding as it resembles Italy’s romantic canal. Scream for, “Where’s the Gondola!”

  22. Mondrian Wall at Artist & Crafsman Supply

    Feeling the movie and arts vibe in Hollywood, do take a photo at Mondarin Wall.

  23. Vincent Lamouroux’s Projection at Sunset Pacific Motel / Bates Motel

    A photo of previous Hollywood movie set can also be a good theme for your IG

  24. The Broad Museum

    A cool and chic look of the building can give you an approval in Instgram.

  25. La Brea Tar Pits

    Going on a pre-historic adventure, take a pic of the La Brea Pits!

  26. Smashbox Studios: Curtis Kulig’s Love Wall

This Instagram photo can basically eat you and your follower heart out.


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