Best Hikes In Zion National Park Utah- 15 Top Hikes You Should Take

Utah in USA is a great place for adventurers. The vast land area is a perfect place for great outdoor activities, such as hiking, strolling, and mountain climbing, camping, rock climbing, trekking, and other activities alike. Zion National Park is one of the best areas to hike in the country

Families and friends can get together for the best hikes in Zion National Park. With a magnanimous land and water scape of the park, you can basically go back every month to check out different amazing point areas. You, your family and your friends will surely be dazzled with the nature has to offer in Utah’s Zion National Park.

We stretched out our research skills and tried before hand fifteen best hikes and other activities areas you can visit in Zion National Park best hikes. Well, you know or team! We are happy to make your life easier for scouting this top wonderful hike points in Zion National Park. The hikes below range in difficulty for beginners with kids, to intermediate and expert level hikes in Zion National Park.


15 Best Hikes In Zion National Park

  1. Kolob Arch:

    With the world record of the second largest natural arch in the world, the Kolob Arch is definitely should be in a climber’s bucket list to conquer. The trek will only take 14 miles and can be completed for a whole day climb. There are also other trails that can be passed through before reaching the top arch, Lee Pass and Hop Valley Trailhead that also both have unique scenery.

  2. Riverside Walk

    The Riverside Walk is a more developed and one of the best hikes at Zion National Park. Path trail is cemented concrete streets, which they call the Gateway to the Narrows. The trail is about 2 miles and it will have to be completed 2 hours maximum time. The cemented path will also take you to a Temple called Sinawava directing to the Virgin River.

  3. Angels Landing

    The Angles Landing is only a 5 mile walk but the trail is a bit tricky and hard because of the height climbing top Angels Landing is a bit hard to navigate. For adventurers, this will be a great climb! The trek will take about 2 to 4 hours only. The view above the Angel Landing area is such a heavenly sight, seeing clouds and trees below.

  4. The Barracks

    The 20 miles climb is mostly around outside the Zion Natural Park zone. The trek passes through along the Virgin River. Mountain climbers are able to see amazing diverse nature, the river itself, then passes some forest like habitat, and the rocky canyons. Climbers can set up tents to sleep over just to complete maximum of 3 days trek.

  5. Canyon Overlook

    TrailTrek is so easy for first time hikers or if you bring your kids with you. You and your family can reach the final 1 mile trail destination in less than an hour, passing the entry point from Mt. Carmel Tunnel. While walking along the trail of Canyon Overlook, you will be able to see the spectacular nature. With a few inclining climb to the top, the final stop is a view quite a sight down below! It’s one of the best hikes in Zion National Park for everyone.

  6. La Verkin Creek Trail

    The climb to La Verkin Creek Trail is able to pass the trail to Kolob Arch. Take a rest there, and appreciate the beauty of nature beneath the arc. Campers can proceed the hike further and camp on designated campsite until you can reach the La Verkin Creek, which will take about only 11 miles but needs 2 days to complete the trail.

  7. Watchman Trail

    Although the Watchman Trail is a 3 – mile walk, beginner trekkers will make it easier to reach a final destination because the path are more on level ground, less inclination. Hiker may be able to finish the trek for 1 to 3 hours. The park has nice and pretty looking greens along the way.

  8. Observation Point

    The hike point is a good sight-seeing trail to see the Echo Canyon. Unfortunately, hikers must not be okay with climbing rocks and walkthrough elevated paths for about 2, 100 feet or more. The hike is about miles and can only be competed for 6 hours, depending on the speed and how well the mountain climbers are.

  9. West Rim Trail

    The trail is around 18 miles and seasoned climbers can complete the trail for 2 days. The trek to West rim trail is surrounded with spring like nature, like walking to a garden and a park. Greeneries such as trees, and plants, flowers and natural garden scape can be seen along the way. For those that like long hikes, it’s suggested as one of the best hikes at Zion National Park.

  10. Zion Narrows (Bottom-Up)

    Distance: 3-8 Miles
    Time: 2-6 Hours

    The Zion Narrows is a little bit of short trek in comparison with the 8 mile trail. However, the trail is a bit a stinker even for intermediate climbers. The body of water that needs to cross before reaching Zion Narrows is a bit uncomfortable.

    The campers and trekkers who are up to a more challenging and extreme hiking tour would definitely be challenged in the last five climbing points in Zion Natural Park. Since the trail needs to complete for 2 days to 5 days or more, permits and proper documents are needed to be allowed to enter the area.

  11. The Trans-Zion Trek

    Well – seasoned backpackers and climber will surely take the challenge to conquer the Trans – Zion Trek. Because of the 48 miles hike to the final trek point, necessary trekking permit and clearance is needed. And campers must bring camping needs like food, water, sleeping stuff and other survival kit for 5 days.

    There is a camping site that can be used as top over overnight. The trail can mostly be completed from around 3 days to 5 days maximum. It is a really great feeling once you have conquered this trail.

  12. Emerald Pools Trail

    If you want a more landscapes and water area along pathway, the Emerald Pools trail is best recommended for beginners. However, the trail is around 1.2 miles to 3 miles. So for seasoned hikers, it will only take about an hour, else trail walk will most likely be completed around 3 hours.

    There are three pool points hikers can pass by while hiking up to the end trail, Upper pool, which has a beautiful waterfall everyone can cool down. The other first two pools along the way, Lower and Middle pool can be visited along the way to the water falls.

  13. Zion Narrows (Top-Down)

    The hike to Zion Narrows will need to hike for 16 miles, and can be completed for about 2 to 3 days. Hikers can camp out overnight on designation camp site along Zion Narrows.

  14. The Subway (Bottom-Up)

    The trail on this trek is just a half day walk for 9 miles. Kids and teenagers can complete the trek because there is no complicated trail. Just a straight and decent climb at the Subway point, although a short trek across a small body of water. A permit for this trip is needed due to protected area.

  15. Weeping Rock

Another nature hike within the Zion National Park for only 0.4 miles, which can be completed for less than an hour, is the Weeping Rock. Kids will totally enjoy the walk along large rocks covered with moss and dripping water that looks like tears. The sound of the streaming water from the rocks makes the hike feel better.


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