Best Free Things To Do In Portland Oregon: Portland Guide For Top 25 Free Activities

Portland, Oregon is somewhat a majestic city. The mountains that surround the metro are covered with white heavenly snow. There is a lot of wonderful iconic and amazing tourist destination in the region. The great thing about Portland is that it’s amazing for those that love the outdoors. Since nature can’t really charge anything for its natural wonders, there’s a lot of great free things to see in Portland, Oregon.

We’ve put together a list of the best free things to do in Portland. This ranges from hiking to look at waterfalls, all the way to brewery hoping to enjoy some of the best craft beers in the world. So go ahead and see if you can find anything you like from our list of the best free things to do in Portland Oregon.


Top 25 Best Free Things To Do In Portland Oregon


  1. Brewery Hopping

    There are a number of good brewery companies in Oregon. You can visit, drink and chill out on those berr companies. To name few are Ground Breaker Brewing, Ecliptic Brewery, and Hopworks Urban Brewery.


  2. Take Another Distillery Hop

    If you enjoyed the brewery tour, you do not want to miss the distillery tour. You can sample different whisky and other beverages as you visit different distillery plants around Oregon.


  3. Shop Around Farmer’s Market

    You can enjoy on a shopping spree and select from varied fresh farm picked goods and other souvenir items. There are also a lot of various food booths where you can taste Portland food specialties. This is one of the best free things to do in Portland as you can mix with locals and see all the cool things from around Portland in one location.


  4. Shop For Books At Powell’s City Of Books

    For those book lovers, the Powell’s City of Book is a heaven. A wide variety of books is displayed and can be purchased at the store. Powell’s books is the largest used book store in the country. The vast majority of people that go here are tourists and because it’s a free thing to do in Portland, many just walk through for a bit before going on with the rest of their day.


  5. Discover Natural Beauty Of Portland

    There are a lot of wildlife centers that you can bring your family for a walk. You can try bird watching, strolling, swimming, and fishing on nature reserves like Bonneville Lock and Dam, Oak’s Bottom Wildlife Refuge and Sauvie Island. All of these natual things are great free things to see in Portland and the nearby towns.


  6. Be Captivated With The Magic Of a Waterfall

    Portland is located near Columbia river. The historic river has a number of beautiful and scenic waterfalls. Take a hike onto the mountains and nature trails to discover a waterfall.


  7. Visit Oregon Zoo

    If you have kids with you, a visit at the Oregon Zoo will definitely make a fun adventure. The whole family will be able to observe different animals, including those endangered and protected ones.


  8. Ride Bike On The Streets of Portland

    What so nice about Portland is its fresh and quality air. Despite of the rise of locomotive industry a few years back, the city was able to discipline and value biking as a mode of transportation. You can rent bike and pedal your way to Spring water Corridor that has wonderful parks.


  9. Be Enthralled On The Ira Keller Forecourt Fountain Park

    The Ira Keller Fountain is quite really a delightful place unwind and watch. The fountain is wonderfully designed and constructed.


  10. Visit The Historic Belmont Firehouse

    For over 100 ears, the Belmont Firehouse has become a significant landmark in the community. The firehouse offers variety of fun activities for kids.


  11. Enjoy A Visit At The Portland Central Library

    Bookworms will surely love to visit around the Portland Central Library. The library has also a great architecture structure that visitors are often amazed by its design.


  12. Visit The Oregon Rail Heritage Center

    The Oregon Rail Heritage Center is a museum that shows different engines, railroad, and locomotive machines. This is in memory of the booming automotive and train industry in the country.


  13. Time To Reflect At The Grotto

    The religious place has garden, souvenir shop, chapel, grotto, and admittance center for tourists.


  14. Attend A Public Yoga

    Yoga enthusiasts stretch out their muscles and bones as they all participate in a free community yoga event every week, happening in all parts of Portland. Just check out schedule of organized local Yoga classes of the place in Portland where you stay. This is one of the best things to do in Portland because it’s free and fun.


  15. Stroll On The Beautiful Hoyt Arboretum

    For a nice and comfy tour, take a walk on a nature trail down at Hoyt Arboretum. The park is surrounded by towering maple trees. There are more than 2000 kinds of trees and plants that changes color each season.


  16. Take A Picture Beside The Famous Paul Bunyan Statues

    Visit the place where a number of statues stand in honor of the most famous lumberjack, Paul Bunyan.


  17. Check Out The Oregon Historical Society

    To know more about the history of Oregon, the Oregon Historical Society can give you an extensive details on how Oregon becomes a successful region.


  18. Stroll Around The Mill Ends Park

    Dubbed as the world’s smallest park, you can walk around and yet be amazed how well designed the park within a limited area. There is an interesting yet funny story about the park where the tallest and huge tree there was once balled out and stolen. Fortunately because of the importance of the tree authorities was able to plant the tree back. Funny story, right? So make sure to check it out as many local think it’s one of the best free things to do in Portland.


  19. Enjoy A Full Day Of Games Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade

    This is a fun and wonderful day with your family to play computer games at the Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade.


  20. Discover The Real Ramona Quimby Place

    Same as The Simpsons, the characters are just made up and made believe, but characters are from real place. The Ramona Quimby is a place in Portland that exists, which has become one of inspiration of author Beverly Cleary.


  21. Scare Yourself At The Witches Castle

    Ever thought on ghost hunting trip? Make a fun adventure with your friends or family at the Witches Castle. Although none has proven paranormal events on the castle, the story passed on for ages about the haunted activity in the place can give you creeps.


  22. Be A Kid For A Day At The Frank Kidd Toy Museum

    Kids and as well as adults can really enjoy a trip to the Frank Kidd Toy Museum where variety of toys from the past and up to the present will tickle their what used to be young hearts and memory.


  23. Take A Fun Stroll To The Simpsons Streets

    The longest running cartoon, The Simpsons’ creator Matt Groening is from Portland. So before the Simpsons, some of the characters in the famous animation came from the streets where Matt grew up. So try to discover, walk pass and take pictures of those street signs at the Simpsons Streets.


  24. Visit The Vacuum Museum

    Yes, there is a museum for vacuums. The museum shows different kinds of vacuum from its prototype design to commercial ones. The museum has collections of how vacuums evolve from 1905 up to this day.


  25. Attend An Art Walk:

The artwork walk is only happening twice a month. Only every first Thursday, and last Thursday happening in Alberta.




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