Best Free Things To Do In Las Vegas: Top 25 Las Vegas Free Things To See

Welcome to Sin City – Las Vegas! But of course, not everything in the city of sins is about devilish activities. Although, literally and figuratively Las Vegas offers both as you can all the fun in the world in Vegas. Most people thing of Las Vegas of an expensive city with lots of money needed for gambling, drinking, clubbing, see shows and much more. But this is not true, there’s lots of free things to do in Las Vegas.

So for those that want to have an amazing time in Las Vegas, we’ve created a list of the top 25 things in Las Vegas that are free.


25 Free Things To Do In Las Vegas

  1. Adventure trip to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation: Las Vegas’ stable weather is quite a perfect place for tourists. The central city is located in the middle of a dessert where there are a lot of natural rock forms around. Families can go out to on those farther places to discover about the natural oil and rock formations which existed and developed thousand years ago. This is a great free thing to see in Las Vegas as the layers of rock is something you won’t see in many other parts of the world. 
  2. Las Vegas Welcome Sign: Well, everyone who was able to visit La Vegas should basically stop at the Welcome sign of Vegas and take pictures. You kids would be happy to have that once in a life time pic. It is like taking photos of Hollywood sign, or probably taking a picture of Big Ben Clock in London. This is probably the most iconic picture location in the city and it’s a great free thing to do in Las Vegas. 
  3. Be Mesmerize Eiffel Tower: Another world famous landmark in France is the Eiffel Tower. The iconic tower has replica in Las Vegas, although due to limited height clearance of structures in the city, they built it smaller than the actual Eiffel Tower. 
  4. Be Starstrucked with TV Cast of “Pawn Stars in Gold & Silver Pawn Shop: Another famous reality TV show on cable is the Pawn Stars. The same as “Tanked”, the pawnshop is a family business and there, you can take pictures of your favorite Pawn Star cast or go fanning around. There is also a souvenir shop nearby that you can purchase gifts for your family and friends back home. 
  5. Walk around Fremont Street: Most of Las Vegas establishments are open 24 – seven. But the city gets brighter and more alive when the sun is up! You and your family can stroll around the long strip of Vegas street. Take pictures of the bright city. For a Las Vegas free thing to do, this has to be on the list as there’s so many options here.
  6. Watch Animatronics shows on Fall of Atlantis at Caesars Forum Shops: Families can definitely enjoy watching the wonderful high technology digital display of water and fire with the giant talking statues. There are also shops and other displays around the area. 
  7. Watch an Impressive Extravaganza at the Circus Circus: Enjoy a fun and exciting magical, circus acts, trapeze dancers, and various performances at the Circus Circus to complete your tour of Las Vegas. 
  8. Be Entertained with Venetian Streetmosphere at Grand Canal: The area is a center for different shops, and fun booths. There are also performances to watch out on the side of Grand Canal. You will be entertained with performances from classical actors, singers, and other musicians. 
  9. Visit Flamingo Wildlife Habitat:  Even though Las Vegas is known for lively party and night life affairs, there is still a sanctuary for different kinds of animals. The buzzing cars, bars, and hotel loud music at Flamingo Hotel and Casino, can still accommodate and home to animals around Vegas dessert like flamingo, fishes, birds, and other animals. 
  10. Be Stunned in Volcano Explosion at the Mirage: Although the place is not that huge, but the volcano themed park can give you few surprises as burst of fireballs, big explosions and creative sync of musical scoring. This is the first hotel that Steve Wynn built and it’s a real show stopper. We suggest this as a great free thing to see in Las Vegas. 
  11. Be Overwhelmed with Non-Stop Chocolates at Hershey’s Chocolate World: For sweet tooth people, you will surely have a great time in the huge Hershey’s Chocolate store. You can hoard a lot of Hershey’s chocolate products for souvenir and gift for your loved ones. 
  12. Ride a Romantic Gondola at the Ponte Vecchio Bridge: Well, it is not the original bridge from Italy, but you will be amazed of the resemblance of the replica of the Ponte Vecchio Bridge in Las Vegas. There is also an artificial lake, shops and restaurants surrounding the bridge. They even also like gondolas like the ones in Italy! 
  13. Hot Springs at Goldstrike Canyon: With the hot temperature and humid climate of Las Vegas, the Colorado River is a refreshing sight to see. You can bring our whole family for a walk along the river and see the grandeur of the mountains beside it. 
  14. Enjoy a day with locals at First Fridays: Get together of most locals including some tourists, often organized every Friday in Vegas. Painters and other artists, gathered together to exhibit their masterpieces. It is quite a fun time hanging out with everyone and has a short chat. 
  15. Melt your heart out with Sweet overload at the Ethel M Chocolate Factory Tour: What a nice trip to treat yourself with sweets, Hundreds of chocolates, candies, cookies, other sweet delicacies are displayed and are sold in the Ethel M. Chocolate Factory. Whatever famous brand you are looking for, the store has it. What so nice about the store, is that there is a botanical garden nearby where you can unwind and relax while you are munching on those sweets! 
  16. Get a Fan Photo with Your “Tanked” TV Reality Stars: If you have been watching cable TV, you are surely familiar with Las Vegas famous reality show “Tanked”. The casts are family and employees of top acrylic tank manufacturing company in the whole USA. You can visit and have a tour, meet, take pictures with (if you are lucky enough, meet the whole) hilarious and lovely casts. 
  17. Visit the CBS Television City Research Center: Well, kids would really be excited to visit an actual studio and how things are going on behind the television. CBS TV City Research Center allows tourists to observe around the TV research process and also accepts suggestions and creative concepts from visitors. 
  18. Play around at the Gold Spike: Everyone can get inside and enjoy inside the huge lawn game center at the gold Spike. There are also fire spits and playground for kids to enjoy. 
  19. Pinball Hall of Fame: The Pinball Hall of Fame has lots of cool things and you can spend a good amount of time it the 10,000 square feet building. The whole museum has a display of various pin ball machines and other gambling equipment. Young tourists can take pictures inside and listen to history on the development of pinball machines year after year. What so good about the museum, is that that the money collected from visitors are used for the building’s maintenance and charity. So, it is a good way to help out using your money for the sight-seeing in the building. 
  20. Enjoy a day in Downtown Container Park: Another pool of artists is musicians on small concert at a park, where family and friends can watch while digging in scrumptious trailer park foods in Vegas sizes (huge ones!) There is array of food trucks, Burning Man display, mini concerts, and shops. 
  21. Bring Out the Kid in You at the M&Ms World: The whole building is field with fun field and colorful merchandise. Kids and also adults will surely enjoy a fun day in the M&M’s World. There are also new gimmick and attraction the store displays from time to time like 3D shows, or mascots, and a lot more. As free things to do in Las Vegas with kids, this should surely be on your list. 
  22. Be amazed for on the scenery Bellagio Conservatory, Botanical Gardens and Fountains: You family will surely love to frolic and be amazed with the well-arranged and well – designed garden. The garden is filled with different colorful flowers and selected plant at the Bellagio Conservatory ad Botanical Gardens. There is also an amazing fountain in Bellagio, that can dance on a a perfectly timed music. It is a dancing fountain! 
  23. Treat yourself with Gigantic Nuggets at Golden Nugget: The Golden Nugget is house of the giant 61 pound nuggets. Your family can share the humongous delicious golden nugget from Australia. 
  24. Take a photo on Binions Million Dollar: Be a millionaire for a day! You can pay a few bucks just to have your photo taken with a million dollars! Although, with the current technology in photo edits, probably you can do a better photo edit by yourself on your smartphone. But it’s a nice fun activity, though. 
  25. Watch Seawater Show at the Aquarium at Silverton: 

Kids and the whole family can enjoy a walk under the huge aquarium at Silverton. Fishes There is over 4,000 fishes and other sea creatures from all around the world are placed in one sea habitat. Kids will be amazed of the different and unique sea species.

There is also a mermaid show at the aquarium area where people can wave and be entertained with their performances.

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