Best Day Trips From Portland Oregon That You Must Do In 2018/2019

The city of Portland is surrounded with heaven like mountains which are capped with white snows that seems like sparkling from a far. With the large area for nature of Portland, families can spend and do a lot of fun things in the region.

There a lot of things you can visit in the city, and the climate is often favorably comfy for tourist adventurers. We listed 15 best day trip that can be done in Portland, Oregon which will surely make your stay in the city unforgettable.


15 Best Day Trips From Portland Oregon

  1. Relax In Bagby Hot Springs

    If you wanted to relax after tedious adventures from camping, climbing and other adventures around Portland, you may find peace and relaxing feeling on a arm dip at Bagby Hot Springs.


  2. Climb The Willamette Valley

    It would be a nice to hike the Willamette Valley and feel the cool breeze of the city? What so nice about Portland, even if it is a highly urbanized place, but because of the natural beauty of valleys, falls, and rivers, it is one of the best places to visit. Take a long walk to enjoy the nature in Willamette Valley. This is a great day trip from Portland as it’s just a short drive with tons of activities available in this region.


  3. Dazed Into The Picturesque Mirror Image Of Mount Hood

    Camping trip to the lake will give you a scenic sight of the perfect reflection on the lake of the Mount Hood which is covered with snow. Truly the reflection is such a heavenly sight. Campers can also hike to the mountain which beginners may also enjoy trying. There is also lodge houses available around the area if you wanted to stay overnight for a camp or hike. The best Portland day trip would probably be Mt Hood in all seasons. For those that liking Skiing, Snowboard or snow shoeing the winter is the best. In the Summer you can hike, bike ride, golf and enjoy tons of great outdoor activities.


  4. Silver Falls State Park

    The largest state park in the state is silver Falls State Park. During the hike, you will be able to pass to 10 falls. The park has divided the hike paths into four, so you can relax on each summit area.


  5. Sunbathe And Swim At The Cannon Beach

    The Cannon Beach from Portland is too popular in the place that most of the time as a Portland day trip because of the traffic, a lot of locals and tourists crowd the beach, especially on weekends.


  6. Feel The Cold Water From Multnomah Falls

    With the vast geographical coverage of Oregon, it is not surprising that it has more than 200 waterfalls. Few of those falls is the famous tallest water fall Multnomah Falls which is surrounded with trees and plants. This day trip from Portland will take you to several water falls in the area.


  7. Reach The mountain Top Of Mount Rainier

    National Parks in Portland is really quite an amazing tourist destination. There are a lot of elevated areas like valleys, or mountains that you can visit just to have a great view of the whole Portland below. The Mount Rainer ha an amazing and incredible view of the forests, towering trees, nature painted huge rocks, and wonderful meadows you can see below. The scenery changes its colors depending on the season. Spring time can give you a colorful sight, Autumn shows you a fiery red, orange, and yellow colors, summer gives you a greenery and flowery feature, and (most tourist love) in winter, a heaven like scenery.


  8. Eat Out In The Hood River Valley Fruit Loop

    Enjoy a stopover from a line of breweries, wine refineries, and restaurants along the Hood River. There are a lot of great choices of activities to choose from.


  9. Columbia River Gorge

    The Columbia River Gorge is one of the most iconic parts of the state and many come from all around the world to Portland to make the day trip from Portland to the Gorge. The huge and long river would be a good hiking rail for families because of the amazing view of the river and the nature around it. This is one of the best day trips from Portland.


  10. Take A Selfie Of The Rowena Crest

    You have to visit the iconic road which you can take picture. The Rowena Crest has also a few miles away to hike as you will be mesmerized to the delightful sight of the hills on the side of the road.


  11. Check Out The Favorite Movie Location At Astoria

    A lot of famous movies from different era have been shot in the area of Astoria in Portland. You can hike on the area or take pictures and be mesmerized of the magnificent scenery of Astoria that looks more astounding in real life than at movies. Few of the movies was shot here are TMNT III, Short Circuit, Kindergarten Cop, and The Goonies. The famous movie which most can recall is the story of friendship between a kid and a killer whale, Free Willy. In addition to, documentary on the birds, fishes, flowers, trees, and other creatures’ habitat in the Astoria region is featured.


  12. Climb The Smith Rock State Park

    The Smith Rock State Park is quite a little tricky to climb. The course to reaching the top part can have trails for beginners and those who are seasoned climbers. But nonetheless, the climb to the top is worth it. The view on top is amazing. Along the trail is a forest, filled with natural beautiful flowers and plants. It’s a must do for a Portland day trip.


  13. Camp At The Trillium Lake

    For a nice fishing and camping trip, the Trillium Lake is the best place to go to in Portland. The Trillium Lake is populated with several of local Portland fishes. The lake is also surrounded with eye catching different species of flora and fauna.


  14. Refresh Your Strength At Breitenbush Hot Springs

    Portland has a lot of hot springs that can make you feel refreshed after a tiresome travel and adventure activities around the area. The Breitenbush Hot springs have well maintained cabins and lodges that can families and friends can stay overnight.


  15. Find Luck In Spotting A Whale At Cape State Park

The Cape State Park is a perfect view over the ocean horizon. Locals and tourists can do various activities like camping, sun bathing, swimming, paragliding, and hiking and if you are lucky enough, you will be able to spot a whale just few meters away from the ocean.

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