5 Mistakes When Visiting Seattle, Washington- Don’t Do This

Everyone will only take a trip to a city that they love. The story can however change to a city you do not like but this is just because of the mistakes you did during the visit. Seattle is one of the best places you can visit in Washington and you will be amazed by the grandeur and beauty of this city. At times however the visit may not go as expected because of some things you do wrong. These are some of the mistakes you should not make when visiting Seattle to make your tour enjoyable and memorable.


5 Mistakes When Visiting Seattle

Going When The Tourist Season Is At Peak

Most people tend to go for trips during the summer season because this is when children are on vacations. However, if there is a way you can avoid touring during this time, please do.

When the tourist season is at its peak, there will be a lot of people, and most tourist attractions will be crowded. Seattle city will have so many people during the summer season than any other city you have ever visited. This will not be the case when you go off-season.

If you want to visit the Pike Place Market, please do not make a mistake of visiting it during the lunch hour. The best time to go to this market is some time before they close since there will be fewer people and you will have a better experience.


Making Last Minute Plans

It is always important to make plans for a trip in advance. Here you will know the places you wish to visit and also the approximate amount you should have before you begin the tour.

Make all your plans wisely. Do not over plan and also do not plan for impulse visits. It will be challenging to find hotel rooms and things will be more expensive then what you thought. Also, remember that some places will take much more time that you had in your plan.

Failing to make plans in advance will lead you to spend more money than you would have and also to spend much time on one site. Check the places you wish to visit in advance to see if there are any changes in the opening and closing hours or if there are any other events. This will avoid the inconveniences of visiting the place only to find it closed.


Residing At The Suburbs

Some people prefer to get accommodation out of the city during their visit to Seattle. The main reason for taking this decision is that the hotels in the city are expensive and you want something cheaper. There are some fantastic hotels, but you need to plan to have a booking.

Getting accommodation out of town is tricky because of the way to commute back to the city. You may think that you will park your car at the train station and go to town using the train but the parking there is quite small. This means that there is a high probability that you will not get a parking spot.

This been the case, you will think that you can drive to the city, but this is another huge mistake. There are a lot of vehicles heading to the city and thus a lot of traffic. You will take more time than you expect to get to Seattle and this is frustrating to most tourists.

It will be prudent to spend more money and get accommodation in the city to avoid all these commuter inconveniences. Plan before to get bed and breakfast in less known hotels at the city. Make these bookings in advance.


Touring The Original Starbucks

Most Coffee lovers will love to visit The Original Starbucks, but in the end, you will see it was never necessary.

This place is quite small, and you will most probably find a long queue that you will have to line up. It is most probable that you will give up even before your time comes. There are several Starbucks almost everywhere in the city of Seattle, and they are as good as the original one.

The best idea is to take a selfie at the original Starbucks and buy a mug of coffee on any other place. Buts some coffee from any other independent shop or even purchase some grounds to carry home. The coffee in these places is also good, and you will not have to queue.


Paying For Sites Differently

At times the tourists will find themselves paying different amounts for different attractions sites. Paying an entrance fee for every site will end up being very expensive. Get the Seattle City Pass, and it will give you entry to all of the city’s top tourist attractions at a discount. This pass is much cheaper compared to paying an entry fee for every attraction separately.


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