13 Best Things To Do At Mall Of America For Everyone – 2018/2019 Edition

I know you have probably heard about a great mall by the name the Mall of America. If you haven’t it’s that huge shopping mall found in Minnesota and is the largest in the United States. The mall houses 520 stores that can keep a shopper smile for days. From the 520 retail stores found in the mall, do you have a knowledge of anything you can do at the Mall of America in Minnesota besides going for shopping?

Here are 13 things to do at Mall of America in Minnesota except going for shopping. This is great for dads that don’t like shopping or kids that want to have some fun, while there parents are shopping.


13 Things To Do At Mall Of America

The night at Mall of America

One can spend a night at the Mall in Minnesota by booking a night at the hotels connected to the mall. There are two hotels that one can choose where they want to spend the night at. If you are a visitor in Minnesota and you need a place to sleep visit the Mall in Minnesota hotels.


Enjoy miniature golf

At the Mall in Minnesota if you are a fan of golf you can also you have a chance to play golf. There is an 18 hole miniature golf at Moose Mountain Adventure Golf. All are welcome to experience some little golfing even if you are a beginner. This is a fun thing to do in Mall of America as a family.


Ride kiddie rides, roller coasters and other enjoyments.

The mall in Minnesota is vast enough that an amusement park can fit in its middle. Mall of America has a place called Nickelodeon Universe that has 25 different rides. From these 25 rides one cannot miss one that will make their day great and fun apart from shopping. For the excitement seekers you are not forgotten there is a zippy steel coaster and the SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge. The zippy coaster comes with two overturns. If you want a mellow experience the Pepsi Orange Streak is it. It is also for some tremendous view of the Nickelodeon Universe. Definitely the 25 rides in Nickelodeon Universe will definitely make your day great apart from shopping as it’s a great thing to do at Mall of America.


Build it with LEGO Bricks

The mall in Minnesota has a LEGO Store. The store is a place that pleasures children with its enormous figures. Which are made wholly by bricks from LEGO. You can buy LEGO kits in the store. There is a whole wall filled with LEGO bricks which is parted by color. Just outside the store there is a LEGO brick stations for building. Kids can enhance their ability to be creative and make things that can help grow their imagination.


Bold a zip-lining and ropes course

At the Mall of America, the Dutchman’s Deck Adventure Course add more thrill as it’s a great thing to do at Mall of America. The Dutchman’s Deck adventure has three different courses. They are the Anchor Drop Spiral Slides, the Ghostly Gangplank ropes or the Barnacle Blast Zipline. Different heights limitations apply. You can also try to challenge all three of them.


Watch and experience live comedy

A fan of comedy one can experience live comedy at Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy. It is an adult only venue. There is even solo comedy by even professional comedians. While enjoying the jokes made one can also treat themselves with casual eats and from the wholly stocked bar.


Eat around the globe

Mall in Minnesota has two food courts. These food courts are filled with different kind of foods from all over the world. This is from burgers, pizza, sushi to shawarma. The massive food court has many seats.


Go cart driving

A fun of speed, then zippy Sky Kart at SMAAASH gives you that chance to drive the go carts. To qualify to drive a go cart one must be tall. That is the minimum is 50 inches. Helmets are also required, but is a great thing to do at Mall of America.



A fan of bowling, if yes the Mall in Minnesota has a whole bowling alley. Everybody of different ages are welcome for bowling. There is also a bar for dad and mom.


Go for a live event and experience a concert

The mall in Minnesota is a host of more than 400 events annually. These includes celebrity interviews, book signings, live concerts and charity fundraisers. One can just go to the mall and just attend the many events that are happening there. Visit the Mall of America site there is an event page to know which event is popping soon.


Flight simulator

Have ever desired to fly a plane, definitely here is your golden chance. The simulator is found at A.C.E.S. They have airplanes that are made for the world’s major defense contractor and have the same models. The simulator gives you a one-time chance feeling to feel like you are flying an actual plane. One can choose between a legendary world war 2 or a modern Hornet jet fighter. This is a very cool thing to do in Mall of America and should be done for a good time.


Go to the Rainforest

You can take kids to the Rainforest Café for a meal. This can be due to their good behavior. One will dine among rainforest fauna and flora. One is advised to make a reservation so as to avoid very long lines.


Enjoy a lovely swim at the amazing swimming pools

Mall of America has two swimming pools options which can be accessed without exiting the mall lands. Both Radisson Blu and JW Marriott. For hotel guests they offer indoor swimming pool options.


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