Dubai Layover Guide

Welcome to the open city of the Middle East, Dubai. Aside from a number for work opportunities which clamor most job hunters for better career, the city in United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a dream scape for anything luxurious, extravagant, and anything huge, tall, or extreme. You can find here the tallest building, the most expensive hotel, largest shopping mall, the largest artificial archipelago, and other most coveted record titles in world – it is all in Dubai.

Flying on a layover transit to Dubai International Airport (DXB) is already a trip worth your while. At night the city gleams in bright lights and a beautiful strategically deigned lights showing beautiful spiral and artistic patterns. And in the morning (if you are not caught in fog or heavy wind that carry thick grains of sands, you can see majestic towering skyscrapers what seems to reach the clouds.

The layover at Dubai International Airport can also be a luxury itself. The wide open space for shopping at the duty free area or the lines of shops for luxury items can make your jaw drop. There are also lines of restaurants which cater for all international cuisines. Dubai Airport has all the basic amenities you needed like charging stations in almost all corners, wide spaces for comfortable well-kept comfort and shower rooms, abundant free bathroom toiletries needs, and among others.

Facilities in the Dubai International Airport are also quite amazing. Aside from its extremely wide and elegantly designed passenger area airport space, it also has comfortable lounge areas, kiddie areas to cater to kid’s needs, prayer rooms, indoor garden spaces, banks, and other business service shops. There are more exclusive facilities offered in business class lounges.

The Dubai Airport is one of the busiest airports around the world which connects flights from Asian countries to European, and United States of America. There are also dedicated lounges for KLM, Gulf Air, British Airways, Air France, Emirates, and Star Alliances passengers.

If you are quite contented with the amenities and facilities offered inside the DXB, you can just check in to the hotel inside the airport, Dubai International Airport Hotel for luxurious and relaxing stay. The hotel has its own, sports gym health club, swimming pool, sauna and spa, Jacuzzi, and all room facilities you needed. It is all convenience at your fingertips.

However, if you want to explore, Dubai outside the airport, make sure you have obtained transit visa. You can tour around the city just b riding the train connected from the DXB building. The train in Dubai is convenient because it connects and passes to all the prominent areas like the airport, and shopping malls. Make sure you are aware of the passenger area for males and females inside the train. Taxi is also readily available in Dubai, but if you are a male you cannot ride a taxi with female driver.


Things To Do During Layover In Dubai

Climb The Tallest Building In The World

The Burj Khalifa is the current title holder as the tallest building in the world. You can have the perfect view of tallest skyscraper just beside the Dubai Mall. You can also climb the top of Burj Khalifa and have your picture taken there.


Shop In World’s Largest Mall In The World

Shop till you drop on luxurious brands in World’s largest mall, Dubai Mall. You can definitely get tired and of walking inside the mall. The shopping mall displays all the best shops in the   world, catering all you need from basic necessities up to high end and luxurious brands.


Check Out The World’s Only 7- Star Hotel In The World

You can even pick from hundreds of luxurious hotels in Dubai. If you want to splurge in luxury and elegance, you can check in world’s most expensive hotel – Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. If none of your budget allows you to spend an overnight stay in Burj al Arab, you can stroll along the beach area along the luxurious hotel.


Try Outdoor Activities

You can visit and have a mesmerizing walk along beautiful and colorful flowers in the middle of the desert in Dubai, the Miracle Garden. The flowers are is so abundant that flowers are grown to from a shape of a house, giant kettle, moving windmill, and anything gigantic you can imagine.

Or you can also enjoy and experience the sand dunes in Dubai! By getting in the middle of nowhere of the sand dunes, you may need to book ahead of time for a ride on coach tour companies for a off road desert safari experience. After the bumpy yet enjoyable adventure ride by 4 x 4 truck, you will enjoy a lovely safari dinner, traditional Arabic entertainment show, and camel rides.


Visit The World’s Largest Artificial Archipelago

What used to be the home of the modern day Atlantis is located at Palm Islands. Above aerial view, the Palm Islands literally looks like palm leaves.


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