How To Use GoPro For Amazing Travel Photos/Pictures

We are confident to say that GoPro cameras are the best for travel photos and most revolutionized way to take photos when traveling. It does not matter if you are going through French Vineyard riding the horse or at the middle of the selfie Sticks Sea standing in front of the Colosseum, then GoPros cameras mounted with handlebars is the best way to do travel photography.

Some people run to take travel photos with GoPro as soon as they get the camera out of its box. What you expect is to have those great photos that you desire and then end up getting some disappointing results. Some will give up on the camera and give a bad review about it, but the prudent ones will go back to the drawing board and learn how to use the camera. This information will help you know on the ways you can take the best shots with the GoPro camera. Take some time and learn how to use the camera to get the best travel pictures with GoPro.


Invest in Mounts Suitable for your needs

The first thing you need to have that great photo with GoPro is to get a mount. There are different mounts you will get in the market, and the many varieties may confuse you into picking the right one. The thing is that you need to invest in a mount that will work according to your needs.

The GoPro pole is probably one of the things you will have to carry when going everywhere. It is also a great accessory for solo travelers who want to have fun and take photos by themselves.

The GoPro head strap, on the other hand, is great for capturing your viewpoint. You will, therefore, be able to see through your eyes through the tilted lens.

The GoPro wrist strap is also recommendable for people that love sports adventure and are willing to capture these moments. With the wrist strap, they do not have to worry about holding the stick.


Find your Frame

The lens of the camera has a wide angle, and it is crucial to learn the exact way to aim when taking a selfie shot. To take a great selfie, the lens should point on your chest and also make sure that you so not take too much of what is above your head. The GoPro Hero 4/5 gives the user an opportunity to review the photos and footage on the LCD screen as soon as they take them.


Hold the Camera Steady

The camera is small and at times tends to slip when you do not hold it tightly. Remember that you need the camera to be steady for you to have a crisp and smooth shot when traveling with GoPro. You can take the videos with one hand, but it will be better when you use both hands.


Know How to Prevent Waterdrops

The other obstacle you will probably face when taking photos is water drops. The best way to prevent this problem is by licking the lens of the camera.


Tighten all Screws for Stability

At times you will need to take quick good photos when traveling with GoPro. At times you will still be in motion, and thus you need to be sure that the camera is stable and it will not fall no matter what. Make sure that all the screws are tight and everything is held tightly in place. Since the GoPro camera is mainly made for adventures and action sports, it can handle everything that comes on its way. Avoid risking by confirming that all screws in the camera are well put and tight.


Save Battery Life

The battery life of the GoPro Camera increases with every release, but you are still likely to run out of battery when you use the camera for the entire day. One way you can save the battery of your camera is to ensure that Wi-Fi is turned off. It will also be prudent when you carry with you several charged batteries when going for a trip.


Reduce File Size

The footage of the GoPro camera is essentially big, and it would be prudent if you compress the files. Compressing these files will help you in saving your hard drives or laptops space. Get to Google search, and you will find several programs that will help you in this.


Know How to Prevent Fogging

Humid air and drastic change of weather cause fogging to appear on the camera housing. GoPro has brought a solution for this challenge facing many photographers. They have come up with a no-fog insert that prevents fogging in your camera.


The Final Edit

The final process of getting a great photo is by taking time to edit. The great videos you have seen mainly posted by professionals and sports have been done some editing in them. It has taken a good amount of time to come with something so pleasing. When you see a perfect and well-edited picture, then you should know that they also had the footage they did not want to appear on the final result. You can use slow motion in a video which is quite effective. You are free to use crop, exposure, colors, and other editing basics on photos to help you get a great result. Editing can bring a big difference to your photos and videos.


Practice Makes Perfect

Just like anything else you will continue been better as you take travel photos with GoPro consistently. The timelapse mode is one of the great features in the camera that beginners most often overlook it. This function allows the camera to take photos after a second or even half a second. You can use it to change your facial expressions, pose and even position as the camera takes the photos. It is a great feature that beginners can use. Anyone can also use this tool when that need to take a photo with great action.

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