Diving In Malaysia – Malaysia Dive Guide

Malaysia has one of the best waters in the world to go for diving. It will give you some of the most outstanding experiences, but this will depend on where you are when you go diving in Malaysia. Malaysian Borneo also was known as Sabah is one of the world best places to go for diving. These places for diving are found on the gorgeous islands of Sabah. The islands are fringed with coconut trees and white sand beaches which make it quite an attractive setting for tremendous dive in Malaysia.

Malaysia diving also has an ideal place for someone looking for a place to go for holiday diving in Lankayan, Layang Layang or Sipadan islands where there is plenty of spoken English. All you need is to have free time to exhaust all the diving opportunities in the area.


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Highlights Of Malaysia Diving

One of the most enjoyable places that divers love to come in Malaysia is at the little island of Sipadan which is found on the East Coast of Borneo. This island is in one of the wealthiest world habitats. It was formed many years ago by growth coral on top of an extinct volcano.

This Island has water bodies made of deep waters that have great nutrients that support the sea life and another ecosystem incredibly making them look amazing. Here you will find a large school of trevally, barracuda, parrotfish and bumphead, whitetip and grey reef sharks and a huge number of turtles. It is a place you will enjoy your time.

When you here about diving in Borneo, the discussion will not end before you here of the Sipandan Island since it is one of the best. The other places are the Layang Layang found on the northern side of Sabah. Here you will experience some of the best coral fields you have ever seen. One of the reasons it has become one of the best destinations of diving is due to the huge of scalloped hammerhead sharks that you will see moving around the island. It is a must see view when you go diving in Malaysia.

If you happen to go to the Sulu Sea, then you can consider going for diving in Lankayan Island. It has a lot of marine life. You will see lots of colorful fish, and healthy corals are also common in the pristine reefs, and you will view them as you dive. Other interesting things you will see in this area are a large number of nudibranchs, ghost pipefish, frogfish and numerous amazing wrecks. Some uncommon sights of the larger species include leopard sharks, bamboo sharks, marble rays and blacktip reef sharks.


How To Dive In Malaysia

There are a lot of transcendent places to go to dive in Peninsular Malaysia, but we will give you the best. If you want to enjoy diving, then it is recommendable to go to Borneo. This is where you will have the best experience in diving in Malaysia.

Borneo is in the middle of so many small islands, and it is the best Malaysian diving place. This is because it holds some of the greatest diving destinations in Malaysia such as Lankayan, Layang Layang, Kapalai, Mabul and Sipadan Island. Singaporeans, Malaysians, and expatriates in these Malaysian countries that have work permits are charges small fees according to the local rates.

Mabul and Sipadan are the most popular diving destinations, and they will offer you with facilities and space that cannot match that of liveaboards. The area has only one operating liveaboard which is ideal for people who want to make the best use of their Pulau Sipadan dive time at the expense of the beach resort comfort.


Diving Season In Malaysia

You can go to dive in Malaysia at any time of the year. However different locations have different seasons. Sipadan is one diving destination that you can go any time of the year but the best preferred time id from April to December. The best time is said to be July and August for this is when visibility of the Island exceeds 40m. Mabul, on the other hand, does not have such good visibility but it does not have to since it is a macro destination.

There is the probability of having unsettled weather in January and February. This is the time when the rainy season starts, but Mabul and Sipandan do not experience too much rain during this time. The visibility can, however, be a little low and the water and air temperatures are cooler during these months. This is an ideal time for you to experience excellent conditions because divers are few. The seas can also be unsettled in January and February for Malaysia diving.

It is crucial to make your bookings early in advance for resorts in Sipandan. If you want to travel during New Year, Christmas, or March to August then you need to make an early booking.

Things are a little different in Layang Layang found in the off Sabah’s west coast. Here the best season for diving begins in March and ends in August. The best time to see the scalloped hammerheads and other marquee creatures if during March and May.

There will be constant current wafts throughout the year, and this brings in the Marine life. At times the seas will be rough even when the season is at peak. Visibility during this time is good, and it averages above 30m. This resort will be closed on the months between September and February.

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