10 Best Things To Do And See In Kiev

Ukraine’s capital city, Kiev is basically divided into two land area by Dnieper River. The city has a long history of almost 2000 years from numerous mixes of civilization, and culture. The city of Kiev looks picturesque as if it is taking you to another time. There’s so many great things to do in Kiev like wonderful architectural structure, wonderful spaces, colorful artistic aesthetic, and multifaceted culture can be witnessed as you walk through the whole city.

Kiev has four seasons: comfortable summer time, calm autumn season, bloomy spring months, and the freezing winter period. Kiev can be visited at all seasons. Like other countries that have multiple periods of weather, a single space can be felt like a different one the next season you visit the same place. Below is a list of the 10 best things to do in Kiev.


Best Things To Do And See In Kiev

Explore The City Square

What more you can know more about Kiev City is to take a long stroll on the metro. During summer season, it is best to walk at night. But Best time to walk along narrow concrete roads is during spring where trees and plants display their colors and autumn where leaves are so vibrant. This is one of the best things to do in Kiev.

Take walk around the Maidan Nezalezhnosti, which is considered as the central square of Kiev City. The name Maidan Nezalezhnosti means Central Square for independence or independence square. The square have multiple names in the past until it was finally (and currently) called as the Maidan Nezalezhnosti. You can walk around the plaza and find a lot of interesting things.


Take A Tour On Museums

From behind of the monument is the Museum of the Great and Patriotic War (Museum of the Hitory of Ukraine in the Second World War) that tourist can also explore around. There are about 15,000 displays of old documents, and other memorabilia in regard to the war and Ukraine’s government history and civilization.

For a quite unique tour you can also check out exhibit of different artwork and also be tickled on the young imagination because of how the building was built – resembling the color and shape of chocolate bars. It was built in the late 1800’s. This is a great thing to see in Kiev.

There is another quite unique museum, the Pyrohiv Open-Air Museum where it is an outdoor exhibit of wooden structures from the far off country side of Kiev. An old wooden wind and water mill is part of the outdoor exhibit. Check also National Art Museum of Ukraine, Mystetski Arsenal Art Museum, and Mikhail Bulgavov Museum.


Visit Bars And Coffee Shop

While exploring the whole Kiev’s wonderful and impressive city structure, you might want to take a break from all the walking and tours. Often times, you might want to have a quick snack on small café’s and bars found in the heart of Kiev.

You can also order locally made Ukranian wines on bars and order quick snacks too. Bard and coffee shops are also a good place to get to know the locals. You may also want to have small chats and ask directions. Kiev has wonderful people who are happy to share much about the history they know about their country. We advise to research few Cyrillic words not to scare locals to talk to you at first.


Enjoy Water Sport Activities

Ride a boat at the Dniester River. Steep rocky mountain near the river have waterfalls which offers white river rafting, cannoning, and rappelling down the water, or rock climbing too! You can also try boating, fishing and parasailing at the wide open space of the Kiev Reservoir at Dnieper River. Local people call the reservoir as Kieve sea because of the huge and area of it. There are private tour companies that actually give water sports activities like Yacht Club sailing, jet ski rentals, canoe and kayak ride, and the new exciting to board ride.


Visit Famous Old Churches, Historical Monuments And Other Sites

You can take picture of the famous The Motherland Monument (Rodina Mat) which towers the city of Kiev. The statue is in a form of a woman holding a sword up and a shield with Soviet Union’s state emblem. The statue is made out of expensive titanium steel! The monument was shown in few Hollywood movies and music videos few times.

You can also check out the Golden Gates which is a UNESCO World Heritage site in Kiev. The huge statue was built to serve as a defensive structure in front of the city. This is one of the best things to see in Kiev.

The Mariyinsky Palace is also a must visit famous place in Kiev. The place is quite valuable to the history of Ukraine because it was used to be the residence of the President of Ukraine in the past. But currently, the palace is now a venue to important gatherings, presentations, and both national and international conferences.

The city had been colonized by Roman Catholic missionaries and religious conquistador that a lot of old monasteries and cathedrals are built. You can visit 2 or more from these churches depending on the area you are able to visit like Kiev Pechersk Lavra Monastery, Saint Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery, Saint Andrew’s Church, Saint Sophia’s Cathedral, Saint Volodymry’s Cathedral, and the Saint Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral.

There are also quite scary and heart pumping tour which we do not recommend for tourists who have kids. Although it can open up interests with kids but the history is quite gloomy. You can have private tours to historical war areas like Chernobyl abandon trains, or underground tunnel explorations.


Dine In To Different Restaurants In Kiev

It is best to dine in fabulous restaurants in Kiev City in the evening. During summer, the wind is subtle and less warm. Restaurants in Kiev often offers a variety of dishes from Bohemian, European, and Asian origin where in Kiev, are now given a twist. You can also try to walk around the metropolis and just check out menu first before finally settling on to Dine. Often times you do not need any reservations.


Be Dazzled With Kiev’s Natural Aquatic Gift

Well, you do not really need to be a genius to figure out that one of the best ways to explore ones place is its nature. Although Kiev is famous for its colorful and mix races structures, Kiev also boosts real enticing scenery.

You can travel a little bit farther form Kiev central area and visit the Redkino Lake or locally known as Ministerka Lake. The lake area is a bit wider than you can expect and it is kind of quiet where you can relax after a long walk to explore historical sites in Kiev. This is a fun thing to do in Kiev.

Or if you wanted to dip in the water you can try to check out the Nebrezh Lake where there is a soft sandy like soil around the lake. This will give you the illusion of taking a beach retreat just around the corner of Kiev City.

The Dnieper river can also be a nice place to visit. The river can stretch to more than 2,000 km, which basically Ukraine shares it with other counties like Belarus and Russia. The river flows until the famous Black Sea, which makes it more remarkable to visit where fresh water will finally meat salt water at the end of it.


Watch Concerts And Stage Shows

The Natonal Opera of Ukraine and Expo Center of Ukraine hold up various events such as ballet, opera, music festivals, concerts and other stage performances from classical to modern genre.


Try Other Outdoor Activities

ATV, military tank, zip line and other dare devil sports are also offered by private resorts and adventure parks. For those who want a quiet outdoor activity, there are also golf areas in Kiev too. For aerial view of the entire Kiev City, you can rent a helicopter to explore the whole city of Kiev and see up in the air how the famous historical monuments and building structures look like. A balloon aerial ride can also be rented out. The feeling is surreal once you ride a hot air balloon which drifts slowly unto the air above Kiev.


Be Amazed With The Parks, Gardens And Reserved Areas In Kiev

To relax from all the walking around the city of Kiev you can visit for a quick rest at the city’s park area the Botanical Garden and The Greenhouse, and the Feofaniya Park.



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