Hiking The Lycian Way: 2018/2019 Ultimate Guide

Have you ever heard about the Lycian Way? Here are some of the most interesting facts and best things to know when hiking Lycian Way.

Did you know that the Lycians were originally people of the wars? Yup, they were historically trained for independence and they have a very complex culture that boasts of creative lifestyle. These people were also recorded to have engaged in marine trade and piracy activities. After the rule of the Persian Empire, they were able to adopt the Greek way of life in their own traditions.

Today, the Lycian Way is very popular for being a site for many historical wonders. Tourists admire how it was able to withstand the different kingdoms and rulers that once dominated the region. Some of the memories from the past remain to be seen in the Lycian Way such as the Byzantine monasteries.


Best Time For Hiking Lycian Way

You will find a significant number of hikers during the spring season in the month of April. It is considered as the best time to hike Lycian Way by travelers for a hiking experience. The worst time to hike Lycian Way is in the hot summer months because the temperature will hardly be tolerable.

Another season that could be the best time for hiking Lycian Way is during fall from October to November. The fall season is definitely cooler in temperature. Despite the cool weather during these months, there are very few stores that open because of the decrease in the influx of tourists. As a result, only a few stores open to accommodate the needs of hikers.


The Hiking Challenge

You have to understand the trail going to the Lycian Way in order to set your expectations straight. The road going to the destination is essentially a rough path that would need extra patience and the proper hiking gear. You would need to wear a comfortable pair of boots and would also need to bring along a walking pole in order to help you carry on. Do not forget your sleeping bag because there are some villages which have no hotels or rooms available for renting out.

If you will compare the trails of the Lycian Way with the other hiking favorites such as the Camino de Santiago and the Nepal Annapurna Circuit trek, we could say that the Lycian Way is much more difficult than them.


The Language Used At Lycian Way

Some prospective tourists immediately get intimidated by the thought of learning to speak the Turkish language in order to successfully travel to the Lycian Way. To tell you honestly, you do not need to know the Turkish language when going to the Lycian Way. Well, it would be great if you already have a bit of knowledge about it, but traversing its paths would already open you to a lot of opportunities to communicate with the locals. There are some residents who are able to speak English, thus you are certain that you can get by without the knowledge of the Turkish language.


Travel Costs Of Lycian Way

If you are on a tight budget, you could explore the Lycian Way on a budget without hiring any tour provider. Camping out on the trails would not cost as much because all you would need is a little bit of courage and your hiking gears. If you want to get an idea of how much would cost you to travel and hike the Lycian Way for a month, then you could check out this guide. According to Warren and Betsy, the amount needed for a month of hiking for two people would be around 1,700 USD.


Solo Hiking Lycian Way

Would you like to go on a solo Lycian Way backpacking experience? Would you like to try traveling without anyone with you? We personally think that solo hiking on the trails of Lycian Way is possible. But for greater security and personal safety, we still recommend that you go with a group. This is to prevent any mishap from happening along the way.


The Internet Access At Lycian Way

We know that internet access is necessary for communications. But you have to know that most parts of the trail going to the Lycian Way do not have a signal. You could still bring a mobile wife device with you just in case you luckily get on a spot that has a strong signal. Some pansiyons also offer internet access, but you could only use it when lodging with them.


Water Availability At Lycian Way

The availability of water is very crucial to any hiker. You surely cannot last the journey if there isn’t enough water supply for your thirsty body. To be certain that you will have enough drinking water, bring at least four liters of water for a single day of hiking. Be sure to refill your jugs whenever you reach a stop such as a restaurant or a lodging. Although there are wells and waterspouts which you can find along the trails, better not risk your water supply. Always be prepared with water when hiking Lycian Way.


Where To Stay In Lycian Way

There are many options for overnight, weekend, or weekday accommodations when staying in Lycian Way. You may book guest houses or even residential houses that are found in the village. What’s wonderful with staying in the Lycian Way is the quaint atmosphere that it offers to tourists. However, you have to know that it is quite difficult to reach the Lycian Way. You will need to hike and make some stops along the way in order to get to your destination. A camping session is advised because there aren’t good stops along the way. Make sure that your trip is planned ahead in order to prepare for the necessary camping gears, food, water, and other essentials.

But you have to know that majority of the people traveling to the Lycian Way choose to just go on camping because it feels more challenging and also more convenient. You can just simply choose a good spot along the way and let things work out for you.


Best Places To Eat At Lycian Way

There are village markets along the path to the Lycian Way. But you could also be more prepared and buy the stuff that you think you already need. By having packed food in your hiking gear would make the travel so much easier and convenient on your part. Having some bread, canned sausages, and cheeses in your bag would also be wiser because there are some parts of the trail with no availability of stores. If you get lucky enough, you will pass by a village restaurant that offers sumptuous meals that are served hot and fresh.

Going to the Lycian Way is really an adorable experience. The fruit trees that greet us along the way are superbly enticing and just simply invite us for tasting.


Traveling Shoes

The trails to Lycian Way would require travelers to use specific kinds of footwear. We think that you will have to wear a pair of quality hiking boots that have proper ankle support. It would also be great to bring along a pair of sandals so that you could bring your feet to rest during some parts of the day. My favorite non-hiking footwear is KEENs. The pair is truly helpful for those hikers who want to feel comfortable after hours of traversing rough trails.


Finding Directions

Going to the Lycian Way is not easy at all most especially because of the confusing directions. Although there are marks and flags that you can see along the trail, you should expect that some marks would be missing due to the effect of certain weather conditions and biological processes. You could easily get lost once you miss a single marking on the way.

During the times when we got lost, the locals did not fail in helping us. They were so kind to point out directions. But be warned that a long stretch of trail after the Demre proves to be very problematic for hikers because of poorly visible markings.


Lodging Reservations For Lycian Way

Are you worried that it would be difficult to find lodging when you get to the tourist destination? We really don’t think that there is any need for worrying. Based on experience, even peak seasons do not fill the accommodations available in the place. Besides that, you are going on a camping adventure, right? Why the need for lodging when you can simply have a restful sleep in your tent?


Bag Transportation

Your bags can only possible be transported if you are hiring a tour provider. But if you intend to explore the Lycian Way on your own terms, then be ready for the exciting consequences because there are no possible ways for your bags to be transported by other businesses or providers.


Laundry Washing

The villages that you will come across as you travel to the Lycian Way have pansiyons which offer laundry services. Just go to the receptionist and ask about the laundry washing option.


Bathroom Break

How do you suppose to take bathroom breaks during your hike? Can you find any other answer? The only way to pee and poop during your travel to the Lycian Way is by doing it with nature. What an exciting and memorable journey that would be for everyone!


One Whole Travel Or Divided Hikes?

You don’t really need to spend the entire month just hiking on the Lycian Way. Here is a wonderful guide on how you could proceed with hike based on your physical capacity and time availability:

  1. Go from Kas to Demre which will take you about five to six days of hiking.
  2. Hike from Cirali to Gelidonya Lighthouse which is about three days of travel


Electronic Gadgets

The path going to the final destination is filled with natural elements. There are very few establishments where you could charge your cameras and mobile phones. We suggest that you bring a heavy duty power bank. Whenever you come across a restaurant or a pansiyon, take those opportunities to have your gadgets charges.

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