5 Best Cities In Marmara Region Of Turkey

If you would like to discover more about the European-Ottoman culture, then the perfect destination would be the Marmara Region of Turkey. This place can be found along the Marmara Sea and is rich with fabulous historical sites, amazing environmental wonders, and fantastic gastronomical destinations. You will surely experience non-stop fun and excitement as you visit the cities comprising the region, the pristine beaches surrounding the land, and the other stunning sceneries around the place.

To get the most of your travel at the Marmara Region, we suggest that you decide on renting a private vehicle and drive along the roads yourself. This will be a good way to explore everything that this region of Turkey has to offer. Once you have gotten yourself on the land of Turkey, make sure that you visit the following sites:


5 Best Cities In Marmara Region Of Turkey


Istanbul is a highly interesting and deeply diverse place. Its geography lies between the lands of Asia and Europe; thus, making it a melting pot of different cultures and practices. Going to Istanbul will surely awaken your senses because it is teeming with impressive sights and filled with cultural significance. Your itinerary must be well-planned and must include at least 3 days in the historic city of Istanbul. You should not miss going to the Blue Mosque and the Archaeology Museum to learn further about the religion and past of Turkey. You must also make a visit to the Grand Bazaar and the Galata Districts.



Çanakkale (with a pronunciation of cha-nak-kale) is located beside the beautiful sea of Marmara. This is where you can perform some of the most exciting archaeological expeditions and legendary tours because it is the place of origin of various kingdoms and civilizations. Do not forget to include in your itinerary the ruins of Troy and Assos. If you are a Hollywood movie fan, you could also get a chance to see the replica of the Trojan Horse that was actually used in the 2004 movie. Get a taste of local delicacies as you enjoy dining along the seaside.



Bursa is one of the best places for gastronomical adventures in Turkey. You could visit this place to taste some of the local gourmet cuisines at very affordable rates. You should definitely try the kebab and Iskender dishes at Iskender Efendi. You could also make a historical tour of the place since Bursa was recorded to be the 1st capital of the Ottoman Empire during the 14th Century. You could also get some souvenirs from the local shops located along the streets. If you are feeling a bit adventurous, you may also try to get a ride on the cable car and visit the Green Tomb.



Edirne was called before as Adrianople. You may find this city still inside Turkey but almost bordering Greece and Bulgaria. It also served as the Ottoman Empire’s capital from the late 14th Century to the early 15th Century. The best places to visit in Edirne are those that are characterized of historical significance. Make sure that you visit the Selimiye Mosque because it is considered as one of the most grandiose and elaborately designed mosques in the world.


Bozcaada Island

Bozcaada can be found along the shores of the Aegean Sea. You could reach this historically beautiful site by riding a ferry from Çanakkale. The place is relatively tiny with very few inhabitants. The entire place measures only around 38 sq. km. and is inhabited only by over 2,500 people. Visiting Bozcaada is like visiting Greece. Despite being in Turkey, the influence of Greek culture is very evident once you step on the sand of Bozcaada. You will surely love the Greek-designed houses and alleys. You will also surely appreciate other Turkish elements in the place such as the abounding mosques and relaxing beaches. Make sure that your itinerary includes the Bozcaada Castle and the Habbele Beach.

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