8 Best Parliament Buildings Around The World

Are you fond of seeing the majestic infrastructure that offers a view to historical events? Then you have to include government buildings on your bucket list. We all know that the governments of different countries have large coffers and immeasurable treasures to dispose of. The sites for government sessions, parliament proceedings, and other public events are all designed with intricate details and careful planning. Here the some of the world’s most stunning parliament buildings that you will ever see.


Best Parliament Buildings Around The World

The United Kingdom Parliament

Do you know that the Houses of Parliament of the United Kingdom was historically a home to the royals before? The buildings were designed by Edward the Confessor. The style was actually similar to the Westminster Abbey in order to create coherence in the architectural form of British infrastructure. The Parliament became open to the public in the middle of 1800s. This is the most iconic parliament building in the world.


The Canadian Parliament

The Canadian Parliament has been constructed in the late 1800s. You can get here by traveling to Ottawa. Once you reach Parliament Hill, there is no doubt that you will easily notice the three structures that are of the neo-gothic style most especially that of the Peace Tower. The complex is made up of three establishments such as the Library of the Canadian Parliament, The House of Commons, and the Senate.


The New Zealand Parliament

The New Zealand Parliament Buildings is located in a very huge complex that measures more than 40,000 square meters. You can reach the building by traveling to the suburb of Thorndon in Wellington. The magnificent structure is made up of 3 buildings that were all uniquely designed. The Edwardian Parliament House features a neo-classical architecture. The Parliament Building, on the other hand, is designed using the Victorian Gothic style. The third building which is the Beehive Building is designed with the 70s architectural trend.


The Hungarian Parliament

Budapest is already one of the most magnificent places to marvel at. But if you happen to see the Hungarian Parliament, you will even feel amazed at how beautiful the place really is. The Hungarian Parliament has exquisite designs and was made using only the finest materials. Located along the Danube, this is one of the most beautiful parliament buildings in the world. Apart from being aesthetically stunning, the Hungarian Parliament also has a historical significance among the locals because it serves as a remembrance of Hungary’s independence. It stands 315 tall and covers around 190,000 square feet.


The Australian Parliament

Going to the Land Down Under could be one of the most magical nature encounters you could ever have. But know that aside from kangaroos and koalas, the country will also bring you to an amazing sight of a majestic modern building in Canberra. The Australian Parliament House has been conceptualized using a modern architectural style that still takes into view the importance of natural sights. It has a large rooftop where people could look at the fantastic landscape surrounding the government building.


The Indian Parliament

The Indian Parliament has been constructed in the early 20th Century. You will surely adore how wonderfully symmetrical the two buildings are. This establishment in New Delhi serves as the primary office of India’s Cabinet of Secretariat.


The German Parliament

German history is filled with interesting stories which are also reflected in their architecture. The German Parliament or the Reichstag was established in the latter part of the 1800s. The building was transformed to house the government of Germany before the 2nd Millennium. What’s so amazing with the structure of the German Parliament is the gigantic dome that is made of glass. You can actually watch the German public servants while in their duty through this glass dome. If you also want to see the whole of Berlin, you could climb up the dome for the best view. This is one of the best parliament buildings around the world.


The Romanian Parliament

The Romanian Parliament is one of the most ravishing structures that you will ever witness in your lifetime. Its architectural wonder arises from the wealth of the past’s dictatorial regime. You can reach The Palace of Parliament by traveling to the center of the gorgeous place of Bucharest. You will love it because of the structure’s magnitude and the inherent glamour of its style. The Romanian Parliament reflects the lavish ways of the country’s past rulers. It lobbies, halls, and even the galleries are filled with precious pieces of art. All the details of both the interiors and exteriors are overwhelmingly beautiful.

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