Wine 101: Basics of Red Noble Grapes

Would you like to have a deeper understanding of everything about wine? Let me help you by discussing an essential aspect of wine tradition and culture – the choice of grapes with these quick wine 101 breakdown of different red noble grapes. For this particular post, we will focus on the nine noble red grapes that are known in the international world of wines. Take a look at the following list of noble red grapes that should be tasted at least once. This list ranges from Merlots to Tempranillos.


Wine 101: Basics Of Red Noble Grapes


The best thing about Merlot wines is their smoothness to the throat. You would not find any difficulty on drinking this red grape particularly because of its tastes that are earthy and fruity. Note, however, that Merlots may vary in their tastes depending on its source.


Pinot Noir

If you are new to drinking wine, then Pinot Noir should be your initial choice. It is considered as the lightest of all red grapes which only mean that it won’t surprise you with tangy tastes or any strong flavors. Most of the delicious wines are made of Pinot Noir.



Bolder people and long-time wine drinkers usually take Malbecs. These intensely red-colored grapes offer bolder tastes than other wines. It has minor similarities to the Grenache, but its taste proves to be more distinct because of the hearty tannins in it.


Cabernet Sauvignon

The Cab Sauv is a very popular red wine choice because of its palatable characteristic. These red grapes produce red wines that have balanced tastes and a full-bodied texture.



If you have taste buds that are a bit more adventurous yet still looking for a familiar taste, then you could choose Grenache red wines. You could easily taste the essential fruit flavors of these medium-bodied wines. Having a sip of this wine could let you taste different flavors all at the same time.



Nebbiolo is for the more adventurous souls who can tolerate a strong scent. This red wine isn’t that attractive as an introductory drink to first-timers. Despite its color being light, it still has a distinct aroma, an acidic character, and the taste of tannins.



People who are not into fruity flavors always go for the Tempranillo. These wines came from grapes that have ripened earlier than usual. They taste more earth-like with more astringency due to the high tannin content.



Those who want to have a light-bodied wine that features the distinct tannins usually choose Sangiovese red grapes. These red wines have their similarities with the Pinot Noir in terms of its lightness. However, the distinction lies in the heaviness of the tannins in this wine kind.



The Syrah is a favorite choice among drinkers of bold-flavored beverages. This kind of full-bodied red wine produces a smooth aftertaste because it only contains very little astringency.


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