Where To Stay More Than 3 Months With Tourist Visa?

Does a long-term travel expedition ignite your travel interests? Then you need to have an idea about the best travel destinations for those who would like to explore a certain country for more than three months with tourist visa. We all know that most tourist visas are only valid for three months at the most. But what if you have plans of making your stay a little longer for deeper cultural involvement and geographical discovery?


Honestly, I appreciate that it is getting easier to live in India because it has been open to possibilities for longer vacations. Even other countries are starting to open their borders for longer tourist stays. If you are an American citizen with a tourist visa, expect to be able to stay longer in more than 20 countries around the globe. If you are British, then you could also get into a longer vacation in any of the European Union member nation states.


Where Can You Stay Abroad Longer Than 3 Months With Tourist Visa

Longer Vacations For A Corresponding Fee

Based on current data, we can safely say that India is the friendliest country for Americans in terms of the length of stay that an American can make in the country. The Indian government allows Americans to stay in the country for 180 days every visit. There is no cap on the number of visits for the entire 10 years of the visa validity.


Cambodia also proves to be an acceptable country for those who are envisioning to work without the tedious permanent residency applications. You can actually get a business visa without any difficulty at all. This visa will be valid for an entire year, and can easily be renewed annually.


Staying For An Entire Year

Do you know that there are some countries that are so open to foreigners that they allow vacations for up to a year? Georgia and Albania are very accommodating to Americans. You can enter their countries without holding any official visa. Even British, Canadian, and Australian citizens can stay in Georgia for 365 days without applying for a visa. How cool, right?



Longer Vacations, Cheaper Costs Of Living

If you are trying to find destinations that would allow you stay in their country for over three months, then you have to look most probably for island nations. The states of Barbados and Mauritius are among the island nations that offer longer vacations up to 6 months. But you could have better options such as Mexico and Panama. These countries are among those that have the lowest costs of living. Your budget can surely be stretched up to six months of travel and leisure in these countries. Just make sure that you fill out forms with care and be clear about your travel intentions when interviewed at the immigration department.



Driving On A 6-Month Vacation

If you have intentions of driving a vehicle during your stay in a particular country, then you have to know which countries actually allow you to do so and for how many days or months you are allowed to drive.  

UK citizens are permitted to bring their own cars or other vehicles on European member countries. This can be done for not more than 180 days.  

Even Canadians can do the same thing in America, while Americans can also be extremely mobile during their stay in Canada. Communications can also be easier when traveling to either of the countries because of the availability of the T-Mobile North American Plan where you can send SMS and have mobile data during your entire stay.



Longer Vacations in A Paradise

If you are after some leisurely vacation that will last for over three months with tourist visa, then you could visit either Fiji. Jamaica is also open to British, American, and Canadian citizens for up to 180 days.



Canadian Charm

If you want to feel the K-Pop hype and decide to stay in Korea, you must wish to be a Canadian first. The Republic of South Korea allows Canadians to stay in their country for six months. They only allow American and British people up to three months with tourist visa.



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