When Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Doesn’t Want To Travel: How To Have A Travel Lifestyle

Most people are often wants to have the best of both worlds. Travel and discover the world and of course, be with someone they love. It is something that sharing your passion with someone special makes it more special.

But what if you ended up with the person you love dearly but they hate traveling. Or maybe the scenario is: both of you like traveling but with different travel preferences or that one can’t because of work. That would be a major issue. That’s when you are torn if are you going to leave your girlfriend behind and pursue onto your next adventure. Would just break up with your boyfriend instead because you can’t stand his being too home buddy. There’s a way to travel when your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t want to travel

The answer is, no you should not break up. Nobody should be left behind! Good news is, you can have both have a good relationship with your loved ones without giving up your love and passion for traveling. Below we’ll explain a several different things you should think about to help convince your boyfriend or girlfriend to travel with you.


How To Travel With Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend When They Don’t Want To Travel

Share Photos, Videos And Blogs About Traveling

A good way to motivate and sell your idea of a perfect vacation getaway with your partner is to show pretty and inviting visual aids for your planned trip. You need to advertise your travel plan first to your partner without hustling him/her. It is called, “unconscious power of suggestion”. Allow your partner to appreciate the places you wanted to visit and the adventure you would like to do together. This way, it is easier for you to encourage her/him to travel with you.


Think And Consider Your Partner’s Preferences

Respecting your partner’s opinion shows that you really love her or him. Getting our partner’s opinion over things that you feel like he or she does not have idea about may surprise you that he or she makes sense. Example, before planning a weekend trip, you have to ask you partner about his/her suggestion, or he/she has other plans. This way you are showing that you care for and respect him/her dearly.


Open Communication

In relationship it is always recommended to always speak with your partner. You should be open enough with what you think and always be honest about it.

Give up the wrong concept of: “I did not tell you because I know you will get mad or hurt.” Nothing hurts more if you are lied to. So tell how you feel directly (of course with a little bit of flowers or peace offerings), and accept your partners temporary disappointment. But after that, everything will be okay. Your partner will surely appreciate your honesty.

Knowing your partner more is by speaking with each other often. Knowing our partner’s likes and dislikes, discovering things that you both enjoy together can give you common ground in deciding what country or adventure activity to conquer next.


Talk About Traveling

You can start by asking your boyfriend or girlfriend on his/her dream vacation. By doing so, you get to discover places and adventure your partner likes. Or you can also have ideas of things he/she hated in traveling. That way you can adjust your travel suggestions without making your partner disappointed once you proposed your vacation plans with her/him.

You may like to walk in the white beaches of Hawaii, and your partner dreamed of spending long vacation in Italy. You can suggest perfect vacation plan by complementing half way of which the two of you would want to go to and do.


Try To Include Friends Or Family Members Your Partner Enjoys Company With

By starting a small travel trips for both of you with someone your partner likes to be with, it will give him/her time to see exciting and wonderful things if both of you will have to spend traveling together.


Presumption And Assumptions Of Causes Disagreement

If there is something bothering you, ask. If you think that your partner has hurt you, tell him/her. Offensive and defensive assumptions with our relationship with others often ended harshly. So, if you thing something is not right, ask!


Know The Reason Why Your Partner Does Not Like To Travel

For those girlfriends or boyfriends who do not like to travel, ask the reasons why. By discovery why made it hard for them to appreciate traveling you have to know why. May be you can suggest exciting trip for your partner so he/she can overcome his disappointment or dislike for traveling.

Or perhaps, other partners do not see the value of spending on traveling. You can explain your side and let them realize what excites you that make you enjoy traveling. May be they can see your point of view too!


When Traveling Without Your Partner, Updated Him/Her

Okay, let say that there are times you really do not agree with the adventure trip or places you wanted to visit. There is nothing sweeter but to continue with the trip and still update your partner while you are away. Take time to call and tell him/her stories of your adventure.

With the technology today, there is no reason for you to communicate. Skype, Facebook, Msgr, mobile call, and video call can still let you speak with your loved ones. Never forget to ask your partner’s day. It is one way of showing that you love them despite of the differences.


Plan And Save Together For A Trip

Planning things together makes it more fun. The idea of starting the plan together and saving for your vacation will give both you and your partner a sense of togetherness. Aiming for a common goal, gives you time to mature together. This will create an exciting feeling for both of you.


Spend Time Alone

Having a girlfriend or boyfriend does not mean your world revolves around them. You also have your own life. You also owe yourself your own adventure. Although once you get into a relationship you do not think about your own self anymore. You should also think about your partner. But this should not be the reason for you to lose your identity. You can travel and discover other places with her, although not physically. Just ask for your partner’s approval, and you are off to see the world! Making memories and taking pictures which you can show your partner. This may also be another way of including him or her in your travel escapades. Your partner may not be physically there but the support is already enough.


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