What To Pack For Long Flights – Guide From A Professional Traveler

The current situation of travel and tourism has changed rapidly when it comes to long haul flights. What use to seem like an inaccessible and isolated place, can now be reached with just one straight airline flight? Now it is all possible when going on long flights around the world.

Whether it may be a connecting flight or a long straight long plane flight, it would be wise enough to be prepared not to get bored or feel uneasy the whole time you are waiting to get to your destination. We prepared a list to guide you on what to pack for long haul flights.


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What To Bring To Prevent Boredom During Flights?

You can either order a beer or wine on flight or sleep the whole long haul flight; or you can bring your own entertainment in flight. You can download music from Amazon Music, movies on your laptop, tabled or any devices you can listen or watch. For those who love to read, you can bring pocket book or any novels made from light book material.

There are also airplanes that have WiFi connection; you can ask to be connected in flight, if your mobile data plan has no signal 10,000 feet or more above the ground. You can still update your Instagram and Facebook or get connected to your friends even during flights.


A Reliable Gadget – An iPad

How many of us still do not travel with our iPad or laptop? I suspect that there are only a few. Our iPads are simply the best we could have to kill time or to make the most of our experience and is a must when selecting on things to pack in carry-on. It is where we could read from e-books, play our favorite online games, and even watch some series. It’s also great to have a communication tool where our bosses or employees could email us.


Streaming Music- Amazon Music

A great app to have on when you’re traveling is Amazon Music as it allows you to listen to music if when you don’t have an Internet connection. For those with Amazon Prime memberships, you get Amazon Music as part of your membership fee. Amazon Music unlimited country availability is growing quickly and is around 22 countries right now. Using Amazon Music unlimited abroad is great for this that don’t want to have to pay for an extra service like Apple Music or Spotify.

Using Amazon Music abroad is wonderful with such a large selection of music in its library. Also the preset playlists are great when to discover new music when listening to Amazon Music while traveling. Out of all the music streaming services out there, Amazon Music unlimited abroad is one of the best and should be considered to use while you’re traveling abroad.



A Piece To Entertain You – Headphones

Well, headphones are not just really to entertain you during flights and road travels. Headphones will be your hero when it comes to preventing the deafening cries of babies during flight and even the frightening sound of turbulence. I suggest that you get Beats headphones or Bose headphones.

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An Extra Energy – Battery For Your Phone

Just imagine arriving at your destination without any means to contact your friends or travel agency. How awful could it get and thus having extra power source with a portable charger is a must when packing in a carry on.

I had my own experience of arriving at the airport with a dead phone battery. As you would expect, it created too much hassle and unexplainable stress on my part. This is particularly because I hired a private vehicle and its driver prior to my arrival. How the heck was I able to contact him? It was a long story. To cut it short, just don’t dare experience it!

Apart from an extra phone battery, always have a notebook handy. Keep with you the important addresses, locations, directions, and phone numbers in cases of emergency. I’ve also found a wonderful gadget accessory – the Anker PowerCore + Mini – which is an extremely helpful travel companion. It charges fast and takes up minimal space.


Do I Need To Carry Other Items?

An Element To Rehydrate Us – Vapur Water Bottle

How many of you are having a dilemma whether or not to bring a bottle of water because of its sheer volume? Well, a water bottle may just be the solution to this kind of dilemma.

The Vapur Water Bottle is perfect for those who want to make sure that they don’t get dehydrated or even thirsty during long flights. Also, these are great because they do not eat up much space. They can be rolled after finishing the contents. Although some airlines provide water onboard, this may just not be enough or even prove to be a hassle. So why not just bring your own water?


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Sleeping Stuff

Do not forget to bring portable or hand carry neck pillow which are really meant for traveling. This might come in handy when you need to snooze or sleep overnight during the long flight. You do not want to have an aching stiff neck when you reach your destination because you weren’t able to sleep well. Do not forget to bring a blanket or shawl to keep you warm. If you are used to quiet and dark lilted room when you sleep, you can bring eye sleeping mask and ear plugs.



Well, you will stay a bit longer than expected inside the plane, you still need to feel refreshed and pamper yourself in next few hours. Bring soap, lotion, moisturizer, brush and toothpaste, facial wash, wet wipes, tissue, underwear liners, alcohol gel, and small towel.



You may find it strange to have sunglasses on a list for flying on an airplane. The truth of the matter, however, is that you might need them if the bright lights of the cabin hurt your eyes.


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What To Wear On Long Haul Flights?

During travel and airplane flights, it is always appropriate to wear comfortable clothes where you can move easily especially when you need to transfer from one plane to another, or perhaps hopping and going down the stiff stairs of plane.


A Cover For Sleeping – Eye Mask

An eye mask should be an essential part of your luggage because this would let you sleep soundly despite the activities going on around you. A relaxing eye pillow would be a great choice to have a better sleep during flights. Choosing this would allow you to take advantage of its stylish design and wonderful scent.



Usually, loose and light clothes like shirts, sweaters and pants are ideal when flying in planes. Clothes like sweaters, shawl, or light jackets are helpful to warm down cold air conditioning system of most airports and planes. But of course, one must also recognize the place you are about to visit. Are you going to a tropical island? Then, you may wear light shirts and short pants. You can just wrap yourself with large scarfs when the temperature inside the airport or plane is a bit freezing. Otherwise, you need to pack a jacket or trench coat.



Easy to wear shoes should be considered in wearing during flight. Rubber shoes, sneakers, and flat covered shoes works best for long walks and climbing high stairs. Underneath the shoes, it is always advisable to slip on socks. Socks can help you regulate your temperature especially during cold temperature inside the plane. And during hot weather, socks prevent your feet to become soggy and become sweaty. Or you can take off your shoes and comfortably fold your legs during long flight and sleep.


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