Turkish Towel: 8 Best Ways To Use It

One of the best types of towels in the world are Turkish towels. Not only are they durable, light weight, soft compact; Turkish towels are also quick to dry after used and can be thrown in a washing machine to clean. The Turkish are excellent in making wonderful textiles and the Turkish towel is no different. They have the ability to create wonderful designs and patterns to make them one of the most desirable hand-made towels available in the world.

The Turkish towels are generally made in the Turkish area of Pammukkale and are made using different types of materials including bamboo and cotton woven together by hand. The mix of the material allows for the Turkish towels to get softer the more you use them. The great thing about these towels is that you can use them for so many different purposes like going to the beach, use it as a blanket or even as a laundry bag.

Below we’ll explain some of the best ways to use Turkish towels and so you can get the most out of these very beautiful towels. Check out our list below.


8 Ways To Use Turkish Towel:

  1. Blanket

    One of the best things about Turkish towels are that they are soft and very comfortable to use as a blanket. If you’re at hotel, on a plane or train or even at a park, you can use the Turkish towel as a blanket to stay warm. In addition, because of the unique patterns on the towels, you can even use them as a throw blanket to put on your couch.


  2. Laundry Bag

    Since Turkish towels are large, you can basically use them as a laundry bag either when you travel or when you’re at home. All you need to do is spread your towel out and then place your clothes on it. Then just wrap your Turkish towel around the clothes and you’ll be able to create a laundry bag.


  3. Beach Towel

    Another great use for the Turkish towel is as a beach towel. Since the towels is large, light and is able to dry quickly, it’s perfect for using at the beach. You can layout on it and later dry yourself when you’re done spending time at the beach. Since it’s light weight, you can easily put in your hand bag and not have it get to heavy.


  4. Table Cloth Or Picnic Blanket

    One great use for Turkish towels is that it can be used either as a table cloth or picnic blanket. Since these towels are so light weight, they don’t make your bag heavy and are perfect for using while you’re at the park or out having a bbq with your friends and want to use it as a table cloth.


  5. Changing Towel

    A wonderful way to use Turkish towels while in a public space that you don’t want others to see you change. For example, if you’re at the beach and you want to put on a bathing suit. All you need to do is wrap the Turkish towel around you and you can comfortably change without any worries. In addition, you can also use it while laying on the beach and later dry off when heading home.


  6. Protection In Public Spaces

    If you’re one of those people that don’t like your clothes or body parts to touch public seats, then i great use for Turkish towels is have it separate yourself from the seat. Just place it underneath you and you can later throw it in the washing machine if you’d like to clean it.


  7. Scarf

    Say you unexpectedly come across some cold weather and nothing is worse than felling cold. But the great thing with Turkish towels is that you can use them as a scarf to stay warm. Just wrap them around your neck to stay warm. You can also use them as a hard scarf if you don’t have a hat to wear during times of bad weather.


  8. Pillow

Since the Turkish towels are so big and soft, you can easily stuff it together to create a towel. This is best in places like the airport or on the plane that you want to sleep for a bit, but don’t have a pillow to support your head.



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