Tuk-Tuks In Thailand: Everything You Should Know Before Taking One

Thailand is definitely a wonderful, interesting, and colorful place to visit. Even the country’s transportation systems are unique that’s why we think that they deserve some words on this site. Although most beaches can be reached by a few minutes of walking, the hot weather would certainly make you extremely exhausted. Thus, we found it a lot better to ride the tuk-tuks. The tuk-tuk mode of transportation in Thailand means cheap-cheap in English when translated.


General Tuk Tuks Information You Should Know About

Not all tuk-tuks, however, are the same. We discovered that different places may actually present different types of the cheap transportation. Tuk-tuks in Koh Samui are pick-up trucks where passengers who are strangers to each other can actually ride together. Tuk-tuks in Bangkok, meanwhile, are tricycles or motorcycles with three wheels. Getting you around the entire town would only cost you about 100 baht! That is merely 3 USD! That’s how cheap Thai tuk-tuks are.

But please know also that you have to be very careful when paying out because some locals could be asking more than the regular price most especially if you are a foreigner to their land. You will have to know the prices of particular items and commodities to prevent being fooled. Also, do not be tempted to ride a taxi over a tuk-tuk. A taxi ride can be eight or ten times the price of your tuk-tuk ride. Know that almost everything in Thailand is really cheap. It is a haven for those who want to enjoy everything at low rates.

Our tuk-tuk ride in Bangkok was actually exhilarating. Their drivers are allowed to bypass certain traffic regulations which made our journey a bit heart-palpitating but also tremendously faster! Imagine being spared from the heavy traffic just because you are riding a tuk-tuk. Compared with riding a four-wheeled vehicle, you can actually make a counterflow while on a tuk-tuk!


Beware Of Cheap Tuk Tuk Prices

Before even going on a trip with your tuk-tuk driver, do not forget to be upfront with him. Immediately negotiate the details of your ride because some drivers could unknowingly bring you to a stop just to get a commission from local shops. As some tuk tuks charge a very cheap rate, but force you go to several different clothing stores where you’ll be pressured to make purchases, the store owners later payout the tuk tuk drivers a bonus for bringing you into the store. If you want to experience some local shopping, then happily agree on the wonderful stops. Some drivers would offer really low rates just to bring you to a local stop. But if you are on a tight schedule, it would be wiser to directly tell your driver that you don’t need to stop anywhere and that you will simply pay the required amount for the fare.

Tuk-tuks are a must-try when visiting Thailand. It will give you an all-new experience of transportation. It’s like riding a roller coaster when in fact you are in a public transportation system!

Also, do not be surprised when you suddenly see advertisements of sex shows during your tuk-tuk ride. Sex shows are simply common in the country. It’s up to you if you would accept the adventure of seeing one. Another word of caution, do not remove your bags from your grip and your sight while riding the tuk-tuk. Remember that the tuk-tuk is an open tricycle where other passing motorcyclists can easily grab your belongings.

Your Thai adventure will never be complete without experiencing the scary yet fun experience of riding a tuk-tuk. If you think that the thrill of riding it is beyond your limits, how can you imagine the locals doing it every single day of their lives? Maybe their kind of normal is only different from you. Go have some fun in Thailand. Talk to their locals and learn more about their traditions. Ride their tuk-tuk and experience the wonder of Thailand’s culture.

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