Traveling Pregnant: Ultimate Packing Guide

Are you afraid that your pregnancy would stop you from exploring the world and enjoying its wonders? If you are medically fit and have the financial capacity to travel pregnant, do so by all means. Even airlines accept pregnant women until their ninth month. For as long as your doctor says that you and your baby are both fine, then go on having little adventures while traveling pregnant.

Take advantage of your pregnancy travel to visit your dream destinations. Know that once your precious one arrives, it would be a lot harder to travel. Remember that infants do not easily become ready for landscape explorations, beach swimming, or mountain hiking!

When you decide to travel during pregnancy, keep in mind the precautionary measures to be carefully taken. Traveling with a bump on your tummy is more complicated than being able to move as freely as before.

Once you have taken the ultimate decision to have fun while being pregnant, then you also have to decide which clothes to pack for your travel. You cannot wear the same clothes that you were wearing when you were still a body of your own. But I also do not suggest buying maternity clothes that are highly expensive.

Here are some of the best tips for deciding which stuff to pack when traveling pregnant:


Traveling Pregnant: Ultimate Packing Guide

Visit your doctor before heading to any kind of travel

When you intend for pregnant travel through plane or other public transportation means, it is wisest to have a clearance from your own doctor. Most airlines have their own rules when it comes to permitting pregnant women from boarding their planes. To prevent any hassle, be sure to visit your doctor before going on any tour.

Well, there are still some pregnant women who get away without the travel clearance from the physician. But that is only possible when your bump is barely noticeable and if you are really that cunning enough.


Choose the details of your luggage

Do you know that most people fail in choosing the best luggage for their personality and body type? When you are pregnant, you have to be more particular about the tiniest details of your luggage. Choosing a luggage with wheels that can easily be moved is definitely the wisest you can go. This is to prevent any physical strain from your already aching body when traveling pregnant.


Don’t ever risk being dehydrated. Always have a water bottle handy

Pregnant travel means being able to sufficiently take care of your little one no matter how busy you are during a tour. Keeping yourself hydrated is a sure way to provide the best nurturing care for your baby. It is always great to have a Nalgene Water Bottle in your hand luggage. I really love Nalgene Water Bottles because I could just keep it in my bag after consuming without having to worry about the space it might take from my luggage.


Prevent blood clots and cold feet with socks

Having some flight socks in your hand luggage could save you from chills and deep vein thrombosis. There are some women who experience ankle swelling every time they get on a flight. It would be best to have a pair or two of flight socks in your bag.


Bring an extra pillow for comfort

When traveling in a plane, cruise ship, or even your own car, you have to make sure that every minute spent inside the vehicle should be an opportunity for rest. Having a small pillow handy could help you have the best snooze in preparation for a big adventure. Trtl Sleepscarf is actually a nice option for you.


Don’t let heartburn ruin the fun

It is very common for traveling pregnant women to suffer from heartburn attacks. Traveling can even further the occurrence of heartburns particularly because of the different kinds of food to taste during tours. To prevent hyperacidity from ruining the fun, be sure to have antacids in your bag.


Cover the risks with insurance

Travel insurance policies are necessary in order to cover for all possible risks associated with the flight. But know that you still have to update your travel insurance in order for your pregnancy to be covered as well. If you think that this is a waste of time, then you better check out the narrative of the British couple who travelled to New York when the woman was 29 weeks pregnant. This couple met an accident during their travel in the city which caused the premature birth of their child. The cost of the entire hospitalization reached about 130,000 GBP or around 180,000 USD. Because of the travel insurance, their bill was covered by the insurance company.

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