Ticket Not Matching Passport Or Missing Middle Name On Airline Ticket – Answered

Have you heard about stories when passengers would not be allowed to their flight because of mistakes in airline ticket details? Maybe you have told yourself that such things will never happen to you. But let me tell you that even the most careful and most intelligent person could experience such a scenario. So how will you handle such a circumstance? What would you do in case your airline ticket doesn’t contain your middle name on it?


Name On Ticket Should Be Same As Passport

Generally, your ticket details must match the name written on your passport. If you are traveling to and from America, you must know that airport security officers are very strict concerning this rule. You will surely experience trouble, hassle, and inconvenience once any of your ticket details fail to match the information in your passport or any government-issued ID.


Having First And Last Name Match Is Very Important

Most countries such as Canada and the United States of America would require that your last name and your first name that are detailed on the ticket must match those on your passport or government ID. So if you have missed indicating your middle name when purchasing the ticket, then that would be totally fine. This lapse is generally considered by most airports and immigration officers in countries across the globe.

However, you have to be very careful when filling out details with a hyphenated name. Do not forget to include the hyphen and never include a space between the hyphen and the letter.


Issues With Long Names For Airline Tickets

How many people do you think have problems with their name length? Definitely, you are not the only person who could have this kind of problem. Those with extremely long names usually find it confusing and troublesome to include all their name characters on a certain document. Because most airline management would understand this dilemma, they usually allow passengers to simply write the initial of their middle name. But in case the form fields still do not suffice for your very long first name and last name, then just approach any staff in order to be sure with your actions.


Just Void Ticket Or Rebook Ticket

If ever you had misspelled your middle name or forgot to fill out the field dedicated for it, then you could simply void your booking or just rebook. This would be a lot easier compared with the trouble that you could face once you are already in the airport for your flight with wrong ticket details. I personally find it easy to just rebook a flight most especially with Aeroplan. Their crews are very hospitable and helpful. I think, being an Award Booking Service client helped a lot in terms of getting cool assistance from the staff.


How To Book Airline Tickets For Other People

Are you the person who is always responsible for booking flights for other people? Then you have to exercise more caution. I suggest that you keep a verified list of their names, birthdays, addresses, and ID numbers. It would also help a lot if you have a physical copy of their identification cards so that you can double check before checking out. Do not ever attempt to finish the booking process without being certain about their details.

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