Teva Arrowood Lux Review: Shoes For Traveling

When going for a trip it is crucial to carry the right shoe. This is one dilemma that many people usually have when arranging their suitcase. You definitely do not want to carry a bulky suitcase when traveling. When packing the shoes most of us will agree that you feel like you want the other suitcase for the shoes.

This becomes even more difficult because you want comfortable shoes to take your day talks in the city, boots to go for hikes, trainers to go for hikes, sandals in case it gets hot and heels for dinner and night outs. You can see how bulky it can become, but Teva Arrowood is a solution for this.

If you want stylish adventure boots, trainers, and walking boots then Arrowood Lux Mid WP is an ideal choice. This brand is from Teva.

The shoes are made of full grain leather which is waterproof. They are therefore perfect for muddy puddles and drizzly walks. The shoes are light and durable since the company uses FloatLite™ technology to make them. They are comfortable, cushioned, and they will give you a super bouncy feel.


Teva Arrowood Lux Review

They look awesome, and you can wear them with various clothes and during different activities. For instance, you can wear them with your jeans, when in leggings and even when you are in your scruffs. One of the great models that they manufacture is the Teva Arrowood Lux, this is a wonderful travel shoe for travelers.

The shoes are ideal for traveling and most especially if you have a plan to hike during your trip. The traditional hiking boots make traveling much challenging since they are heavy and bulky. This boots also do not have the best of looks, and they are also quite hot and thus not ideal for hot days. If you are going for hiking, you will need something lightweight, and the best option of them all are the Teva Arrowood.

The boots, however, are not very grippy and supportive and thus you should not wear them if you are going to hike something like Mt Everest. However, if the hike is for one or two days like when walking to the Fairy Glen or up Snowdon, then the option is perfect.

There are four colors of the Teva Arrowood’s. There is Picante, cognac, black and grape wine. Choose the color you desire but make sure that they fit you properly for maximum comfort.

There are lots of positive reviews, and you can confirm this on the Teva website. People who have bought the shoes before reviews them to be an excellent choice and they do not disappoint. Some people also said that they washed them using a washing machine and the result was remarkable. If you are going for a long trip, then this is the perfect shoe for you.

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