Ray Ban Wayfarer Screw- Replaced And Fixed

There’s nothing better than being out in the sun wearing your favorite pair of sunglasses. The only thing that can damage your time is if your sunglasses falls apart for some reason.

In the case of people with a some lovely Ray Ban Wayfarers like myself, then you instantly think that you’re glasses are broken and you need to buy a new pair. But this is actually far from the truth. Everything can be fixed and continued to be used, instead of having to buy something new.

In my case, I lost the screws from the hinge of my Ray Bans so the arms of the sunglasses fell off and I was not able to wear them correctly without worrying about them falling off face. After I was really upset because I could this have happened to me, but then I said why not make an adventure of it and try to fix it myself. I was thought of myself as a DIY person, and since I once fixed my vacuum, I’m sure I could fix my sunglasses.  I tried going to a few different lens shops and they didn’t have anything, my local hardware store also did not have any Ray Ban Wayfarer screws that would fit.



Ray Ban 2140 Wayfarer Screws

After giving up because I asked myself who would possibly sell Ray Ban Wayfarer replacement screws, and I was about to purchase a new pair of Wayfarers until my friend told me a site called GlassesTools.com that sold some Rayban Wayfarer screws. So I decide to buy them and see if it would fix my problem, it was a small price of $12.95, and worth the it to test out before going to buy a new pair of Ray Bans that cost around $200 after tax.

I ended up placing an order for two Rayban Wayfarer screws, because I thought to myself if I lose another screw I’ll have a backup. Plus it only cost a few bucks more and was a really good deal in my opinion.

The shipment was sent out next day and I was able to fix and install it with the addition screwdriver that I bought for it from the GlassesTools.com website. I was able to put the screw in and tighten it in just a few minutes.

Overall I’m really happy with my purchase because my friend basically saved me hundreds of dollars on buying new sunglasses instead I just bought some screws that fixed my problem. My Ray Ban Wayfarers are like new again and I’m able to use them again during this amazing spring weather.


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