Ray Ban Clubmaster Screw- Fixed And Replaced

A wonderful thing is when the sun is out, it makes your day that much better. The first thing you do is probably reach for your sunglasses and then go on enjoying your day. There’s probably only a single thing that can ruin a nice sunny day and that is broken sunglasses.

For me it was when all of sudden when I went to wear my sunglasses, I opened up the arms of them and a screw fell out. At this point because the screw fell out of my Ray Ban Clubmasters, the arm of it also came off and I wasn’t really able to wear them anymore. I was kind of bummed because what that meant was it was time to say good bye to my old Ray Bans and buy some new ones. The only issue with that is that I couldn’t really afford to purchase new ones at that time.

I did some thinking and thought what if I could find a replacement screw that would fit my Clubmasters. So i started by going to a few different glasses stores to see if they had any screw, and none of them had any. The next thing was to check out some places that would sell screws like a hardware store. Still no luck. I was getting tired of driving around everywhere to find some screws, so I was literally about to buy a new pair, instead of keep looking for Ray Ban Clubmaster screws that would fit.



Ray Ban 3016 Clubmaster Screws

Just when I was about to give up looking for Ray Ban Clubmaster replacement screws, I found a site selling some clubmaster screws called GlassesTools.com. The cost of the screw wasn’t that much, less than $10. I thought to myself, buy new sunglasses for a few hundred dollars or test this screw out and see if it works. It would save me a lot of money and make my sunglasses like new again.

So I went ahead and placed an order and get the Rayban Clubmaster screws in a few days. The overall process to install the screws was very easy. It just took a few minutes and with the screwdriver I bought with it, I was able to wear my Ray Bans again without having to go out and buy a new pair. I was very happy with my purchase because my problem was fixed, money was saved and I was able to enjoy the sun again.


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