Nonstop Flights From U.S.A To Thailand: Why Don’t They Currently Exist

In the past, the flights between US and Thailand used to be nonstop. If you ask some people, who met these services they can tell and explain to you how the journey of around 18 hours used to be. These nonstop flights between Thai and US ended in January 2017. Thai is now thinking of introducing the stateside services, but this is yet to be actualized. Let us see the reasons that made caused this service to end.


Reason Behind The Nonstop Thailand To U.S.A Ending?

There two main reasons why the U.S –Thailand flights were ended is because the flights were extremely long. This posed two major problems. One is that they pushed the capabilities of the aircraft to the limit and the other is that they were quite difficult to make profits from them. The fuel costs during that period made it quite difficult for the aircraft to do a profitable business. The losses incurred during this long flight made the Airbus A340-500 to be eliminated from the fleet. Thailand, on the other hand, is a low-yield destination.


U.S.A To Thailand Flights Ended When?

On the 1st day of July, the services of the route from BKK to JFK was ended by the Thai Airways. The nonstop services if the Thai BKK-LAX flight was ended on the 1st day of Mat 2012. From this day the flight was supposed to make an one stop at Seoul’s Incheon Airport. Thai Airways then canceled the flights that from BKK to ICN to LAX on 25th October 2015, and it ceased to serve in America. It can only serve in America if it acts uses codeshare with an airlines that is part of Star Alliance. The only way than to travel from Thailand to the USA is to go through the same airline which is still not nonstop.



Non-Stop Flight To USA From Thailand

Thai Airways at one time served the New York and Las Angeles from the Bangkok, but we have never had the US to Thailand nonstop service. It is not possible to have a Thai and other aircraft carriers launch a nonstop flight between the two countries due to the creation of better fuel efficient and longer range aircrafts. According the FAA ruling on 2015 December, Thai will not launch any non-stop flight until Thailand improves the standards of their air safety.


Possibility Of U.S.A-Thailand Nonstop Flights In The Future?

Some may wonder if there will be a development of this flight again, but this will only happen when Thailand is upgraded to a Category 1 by the FAA. As much as the Thai airways are discussing on how to resume on the route with the new Boeing 787 or Airbus A350 aircrafts, the FAA rating of Thailand precluded it.

It was most recently said that it is not possible to have an LAX nonstop to Thailand, but there is a possibility of resuming the JFK or launch the Seattle and Chicago. The Thai CEO and Seattle have been looking for ways they can have a partnership with the Star Alliance. With this, we can speculate that the Alaska Airlines will start to code share with Thai and get the Thai to USA flight back.


Thailand’s FAA Safety Rating An Issue?

Thailand was downgraded by the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States from category 1 to category 2 after they canceled the BKK-ICN-LAX service on the 1st day of December 2015. This means that the safety rating of the Thailand air travel declined at this time.

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