No Middle Name On Airline Ticket Or Not Matching With Passport: Questions Answered

Have you ever wondered what would happen in case you have booked an airline ticket without exact match of name on passport? What would you do in case your airline ticket misses middle name on airline ticket?


RULE: Ticket Names Must Match Passport Details

Well, there is a general rule that your airline ticket details must match all the other details in your issued passport or government identification card. Here in America, security is much tighter most especially after terrorism has created so much damage in our history and present. That’s why the Department of Homeland Security mandates that all details such as names, birthdays, and genders be accurately represented in all documents.


Your First And Last Names Are The Most Important

Well, for the USA, Canada, and other countries, a general rule would be that your surname and first name must match with your identification and passport. In case you have missed your middle name during the ticket booking process, then it is actually okay. Most countries across the globe also accept any gaps in filling the middle name. It is important to note, however, that hyphenated names must be put together. There has to be no space or any other symbols in between for hyphenated names.


The Problem With Long Names

If you happen to regret having a very complicated long name, don’t worry. You are not alone in this world. Most airlines also understand this problem that’s why they are allowing their passengers to just write the first initial of their middle names on the boarding tickets. For as long as the surname and the first name fit well on the spaces, then you are good to go.

If your name still goes beyond the available fields, then you could call the airline management in order to ascertain queries.


Voiding Or Rebooking Tickets

When the unfortunate thing happens that you misspelled part of your middle name or failed to enter it during the booking process, then you could simply ask the airline to void the ticket for you. You could also request them for a chance to rebook your flight. Based on my experience, I found ticket voiding and rebooking so easy because of the helpful crews from Aeroplan. Since I was an Award Booking Service client, they offered me all the help they could give so that my miles would be deposited again and my ticket rebooked with accurate details.


TIP: When Booking For Other People

If you were given the responsibility to book tickets for the entire group, then you better know all the details about them. Make sure that the details they have given you are the same as the letters and symbols on their passports and government-issued IDs. It would make a lot more sense to book while you are holding a physical copy of their passports in order to prevent any mistakes and hassle.


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