Lamborghini Academy: Driving At Imola

How many people would love to experience driving a Lamborghini? Millions of people dream of either riding or driving such a luxury vehicle at the Lamborghini Academy in Imola. What if you were given the rare chance to drive one? Would you go all out and reach a speed of more than 300 km per hour? That sounds exciting yet also scary. Well, before you even try to put your feet on those brakes and your hands on those steering wheels, wouldn’t it be wiser to be oriented about Lamborghini driving first?

When I was in Italy, I luckily had the chance to spot on the Aventador. Upon getting a sight of it, I felt like it was seducing me to feel its power and engine. The Lamborghini Aventador is like the shiniest of all stars that are scattered on the Imola racetrack at the Lamborghini Academy. The red exterior of this treasure just keeps on whispering something so irresistible that I felt the need to give in.


A Race At The Imola Lamborghini Academy

What’s so great with the Imola Racetrack Lamborghini Academy is that you are given a chance to personally try the sports car yourself. Well, I may never be owning any kind of this luxury vehicle in my lifetime but I will be given a chance to drive it here in the beautiful country of Italy!

As I have gone inside the car and felt its pedal, all the nerves in my body seem to be in a state of inexplicable excitement. It was my aim to run the machine like a real race car athlete. Alas! I just found myself and even the car motionless on the initial lap of the race. I tried stepping on the pedals, I exerted all energy into turning the wheels, but nothing has come out of it! I was there in the middle of the racetrack not knowing entirely what to do to make this beautiful thing move.

Then the instructor went over and showed me the where I missed out. As it turns out, the new model of this Lamborghini has a center panel with a start button that has to be pushed for the engine to start. Never did I thought that the Lambo would depend on the Windows software! But that was really a cool experience!

If you plan to buy your own Lamborghini, I really suggest that you visit the Lamborghini Academy first. They offer personal training services where you could learn all about the important things related to running such a precious vehicle. But even if you have no financial means to actually buy one, the race car learning experience is worth every second of your life!

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