How To Use Virgin Atlantic Miles To Europe – Best Tips

For well-seasoned tourists, basically mostly trust and are all members of the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club. And if you are a newbie to flying on air, you just need to become a member soon. Virgin Atlantic has a lot of fabulous freebies, promos and discounts to offer, especially becoming part of the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club, for using Virgin Atlantic Miles to Europe.

But lately, in the past few years, the Virgin Atlantic faces a lot of criticisms, complaints and rages against the confusing system charges, mileage points earning and redeeming, and a lot more. With the age of internet, a lot of members and airline passengers can easily express their rages and disappointments online. And because a lot of the loyal Flying Club’s venting out negative feedback, it somehow fire back in their program for those that are looking to use Virgin Atlantic Miles to United States.

For updates on new announcements made by the Virgin Atlantic Miles to straighten mileage point system depending on ticket worth, airline company, seat class, flight type and other conditions. And if you are planning to travel around Europe, it is the best season to use your Atlantic Miles Club Membership cards for Virgin Atlantic Miles to America.

To use the discounts, promos, and earn correct point mileage valid to be redeemed; club members and those who are planning to become one must take note of the following new imposed guidelines for using Virgin Atlantic Miles booking to Europe.


Notes For Using Virgin Atlantic Miles To Europe

  • Virgin Atlantic is not a partner of Virgin America Airline, as Alaska Airlines has acquired Virgin America.
  • Virgin Atlantic maintains partnership with South African Airways Delta Airlines, Hawaiian airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Virgin Australia Airline, and Scandinavian Airlines.
  • Be aware of fees, tax, and possible hidden charges fees with Virgin Atlantic miles reward travel. Make sure to check the total amount charges over the listed services, flights and bookings availed. Club members’ complaints often have to do with inclusive fee and tax that often overlooked after rewards are redeemed.


Make sure to time or monitor your point transfer from your Amex and Citi cards if you avail the 25% – 30% bonus periods

  • Easier earning of mileage points. Virgin Atlantic now imposed a new rule of being able to earn from four major transferable points to different travel rewards.
  • An attractive 25% up to 30% transfer bonuses are offered using American Express and Citi Bank transactions in given period every year. Make sure to check out those schedules so you would be able to avail the transfer bonuses.
  • From two United States Region, there are now two more added regions; making it four regions in the USA covered for European flights
  • Usually, booking one way are flights are cheaper and compared to book flights from or to UK. Although it may be difficult to book one-way, it would give you more possibly and chance to get cheaper ticket prices to and from. It will still give you great value for your money.
  • It is now easier and more chances to earn miles and points from all points around USA and Europe for both economy and luxury bookings.
  • Great news for Virgin Atlantic members, given the $99 WOW Air for one – way bookings and Norwegian trip offers a round trip ticket for only $200 to and from Europe.
  • And of course, when traveling to London or any part of Europe, booking train online can give your lesser hassle, faster transaction, convenient vacation, discounted tickets and can earn point system. The miles you earned can also be used to redeem for your travel to Europe and United States.


Update On Virgin Atlantic Miles To Europe Guidelines

The Virgin Atlantic announced recently it will be imposing new point mileage point system guidelines for Virgin Atlantic Miles.


The New Virgin Atlantic Chart Is Divided To:

  • Peak sections (which commonly during March 31 – April 18; June 22 – September 6 and December 13 – 31)
  • Off – peak section (All remaining dates from above lists) – Best for economy and premium economy awards
  • Seat class bookingsUnder the new guideline / chart, the Virgin Atlantic recognize four (4) various regions in the United States from the original two regions. These are:
    • Midwest region covering Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit
    • Northeast region which consists Boston, New York, and Washington
  • Luxury travelers can get better awards during peak seasons
    • South region includes Orlando and Miami
    • West region consists cities from Seattle, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco


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