How To Use British Airways Avios Points And Everything You Should Know

Many people were not happy with the move of the British Airways to change their regular flyer program and changing it to Avios and having Avio points as their new currency. People could have been right that this was not the right move since the program is worse than the previous. The Avios points of British Airways have continued to reduce in value as the year goes. But instead of stop using British Airways Avios points, we should just learn how to play the Avios game better and take advantage of the loop holes for British Airways Avios points to get the most out of your BA Avios points.

This, however, is not a reason for not traveling with the British Airways. It is always a great idea to earn your miles in different programs for you can travel and book flights for free. There are however crucial things you need to know about the Avios program of the British Airways and how to use the points.


British Airways Avios Points Guide

Make Separate Payment For Every Trip Leg Even Layovers

This is one aspect that makes people feel so annoyed with the Avios Program especially for those people who do not stay close to the city hub such as Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Fort Worth/ Dallas and New York-JFK.

For instance, you will be forced to stop over in Los Angeles when flying to Honolulu from San Francisco because you will not get a direct flight. You will have to find out the milage of each leg for you to pay the right amount.

  • Going to Los Angeles from San Francisco is 500 miles. You will pay 4,500 Avios points since it falls under the 1st category.
  • Traveling to Honolulu from Los Angeles is around 2556 miles. You pay 12,500 Avios points since it falls on the 4th category.


Adding the two legs will cost you approximately 17,000 Avios points for one way, and thus a round trip will cost around 34,000 Avios points.


Avios Award Chart Is Based On Distance

Award charts given by many airlines are zone based which means that you will fly for some miles for you to fly from one zone to another. For instance, the American Airlines will charge you the same when you fly from Los Angeles to Budapest and when to take a flight from New York to London since they are both flights from North America Zone to Europe Zone.

On the other hand, the BA Avios charges you depending on the flight distance and not with zones. You will be charged 12,500 Avios points if you travel up to 3000 miles irrespective of whether you will cross the coastal lines or oceans. A flight from New York to Los Angeles and that from Boston to Dublin will be charged 12,500 since all these routes are on category 4. There are ways that you can use to find the number of points you need to get a trip, but it is a little more challenging.


For easy itineraries you can use:
  • Avios Points Calculator- Find this calculator on the British Airways website. This system is non-intuitive, and it will work for you only if you are working on accessible routes. This can be routed with a single connection or direct flights.
  • Biz- Here you are supposed to enter two cities where you are traveling and then choose the program by the British Airways. If the itinerary is not too complex, then you should be able to learn the number of points you need to have here.


You Will Not Pay For The Close-In Booking Fee

This is an excellent thing for the Avios program, but it would also be quite disadvantaging. Let us look at the positive side of this in the Avios program.

Booking and Award ticket for most airlines before 21 days of flying will cost you some booking fee. In most cases, the fee charged for booking will be approximately $75. The good thing about the British Airline is that it has waived these charges. This means that you can use the Avios points to book a flight and fly in the same day without having to pay any extra fee for booking. This is one thing that you will find great when using the Avios program.


British Airways Charges High Fuel Prices On Many Flights, But This Is No Longer The Case

One major disadvantage of using Avios points is that you may be charged high fuel surcharge if you use them with several other partners or British Airline itself. The fuel charges in most cases are high around $400 to $600. This means that there is no need of using the Avios points because buying a ticket will cost you around the same amount.

There are however some exceptions that you should use to your advantage when using the Avios points. Since it does not make sense to pay fuel charges with the Avio points then you can use them in this ways:


No fuel surcharges
  • Use the American Airlines to fly locally in the North American region. You should also include Hawaii on your trip.
  • Fly with LAN to the Caribbean and South or Central America


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