How To Use American Airlines Travel Ticket Voucher

Who wouldn’t want to get a free travel getaway? Wouldn’t you love to hear a news that gives you access to high-quality flight services without spending a single penny from your own pocket?

I am among the lucky few who have suddenly been given a free travel voucher by American Airlines. All these lucky things happened when I had a flight going to New York. Although not everything happened so smoothly at first during my New York flight, everything turned out well after my use of the voucher for another flight.

The voucher that was given to me costs around 500 USD. Such huge value was given to me just because my original flight got moved to another schedule. I thought that it would be hard to redeem the voucher, but everything turned out to be easy during the process.

I made a call to the office of the American Airlines to inquire about the redemption of the free travel voucher. I got really surprised when they said that there are no options available to redeem the voucher online. I needed to go directly to the airport in order to get a flight schedule at no cost at all.

I couldn’t really believe that the personnel from the AAadvantage office does not seem to be totally knowledgeable about the travel voucher. I was even tempted to ask if it was a scam! But luckily, with the help of other staff, I successfully got my own flight schedule. I thought that I would be given some kind of a tracking number which I could access online. But, there still seems to be a remaining beauty and glamour with how old-fashioned things are received. I truly appreciated the personnel when they handed me the paper tickets for my travel in exchange for the voucher I presented to them. It was like a dream that’s coming true right in front of my very eyes and right on my palm.

Redeeming the voucher was very easy. It did not even take a single hour to exchange the voucher for real paper tickets. If you are a bit curious about the American Airlines Travel Voucher, here are some quick facts for you:


How To Use American Airlines Travel Ticket Voucher

What Is The AA Travel Voucher?

Just like any other voucher that is given to customers, the American Airlines Voucher is like real cash that can be used to purchase specific services from the company. There are other ways of redeeming the travel voucher of the American Airlines apart from having it exchanged for flight tickets. You may also use the voucher for the following:

  • For the payment of excess baggage fee
  • For the payment of special handling fees such as those for pets
  • For getting the 500-mile domestic upgrade stickers
  • For covering your airfare at Eagle and Connection
  • For Oneworld itineraries



What Are The Ways To Redeem The AA Voucher?

There are two ways for the redemption of the American Airlines voucher. The first one is by mailing it to the AA office. The second one is by going to the ticketing office located at the airport of your choice. It has been recognized that the best way of redeeming the voucher is by going directly to the airport. This is to prevent the loss of the voucher along with the process of mailing. But when you decide to have the voucher mailed, just make sure that you get the tracking number and keep a scanned copy of your voucher.


Can The Voucher Be Used By Other People?

Yes, definitely. However, you have to keep in mind that booking for other people using the voucher would still require your presence. You need to make the booking yourself in order for the voucher to be accepted.

Getting the American Airlines travel voucher is truly a gift in itself. But don’t let the beautiful surprise be transformed into trash by not following the tips offered in this article. Be sure that you take the precautionary measures when mailing the voucher. Also, add 2 hours to your airport travel schedule. Dedicate these two hours for the redemption of the voucher. Make sure that you know all the pertinent details about the person you are booking the flight for. Lastly, use the voucher! Do not wait for more than a year just to take advantage of the free flight.


Does The AA Travel Voucher Have An Expiration Date?

The travel vouchers issued by the American Airlines expire after one year of receipt and issuance of the voucher.


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