How To Redeem American Airlines Travel Voucher- 2018/2019 Edition

We can at times get free travel by being given a travel voucher to a destination of our choice. The voucher pays for your transportation to and from your tour destination, and you may also be given a voucher card that you can spend to buy some meals. If you are fortunate, you might be able to get the best seat during the flight. If you want to know how to redeem American Airlines travel voucher, keep reading.

Things, however, can turn to the contrary, and you may end up being disappointed. Some people in the airlines may find it difficult to accept it as a way of flight payment. At times you might spend some time at with the agent at the  gate before they allow you. They might even force you to take a flight later on in the day than you expected for any reason. Things, however, can get uglier when the flight is oversold to another airline. Here you may also end up being given the most uncomfortable seat in the airplane, and you will surely not love your traveling.

For some reason, you might decide to redeem American Airlines travel voucher. One you may want to pay tickets for another person or use it for another purpose apart from your traveling. One may think that it is easy to redeem travel voucher from American Airlines, but this is more challenging than you may think. You have gone through some challenging times in life, but this may happen to be the most difficult.


Guide: American Airlines Travel Ticket


In some occurrences, you will not be able to redeem the voucher online. The airline might send you to their airport AAdvantage desk to redeem American Airlines travel credit. With this, you can be ready to go through the process that people used to go through before the digitalization era. Then when you find a person at the AAdvantage desk, they might not know how to redeem travel voucher of American Airlines. This will take some of your time before they consult with their colleagues. The process will also take a long time, and an impatient person may end up giving up on the way. If you have a voucher you need to redeem, it is crucial you have the following information for it might help you out. It will save you some time and also frustrations that people go through the process. It’s also suggested to check out this helpful website.


How To Redeem American Airlines Travel Voucher

American Airlines travel voucher: What is it?

The travel vouchers from American Airlines will serve you the same purpose cash would serve you in regards to any airlines purchase. Apart from using the vouchers for travel, you can also use them to make purchases like:

  • Co-payments for reduced mileages or upgrades
  • Domestic upgrade stickers 500-mile only at the import
  • Airfare for American Connections/ Eagle/Airlines where the AA is the governing /international carrier
  • Excess fee for baggage
  • Fees for special handling or for a passage you are traveling with
  • Change fee or collection of any additional fare


When do travel vouchers from American Airlines expire?

It will take one year from when the American Airlines travel voucher was issued for it to expire.


Can American Airlines travel voucher be redeemed?

It is possible to redeem travel vouchers from American Airlines right at the airport ticketing desk or through the mail. The safest and best way is to go to the ticketing desk at the airline most especially if you want to use it in two weeks. If however, you prefer to use the email, have a photo of the travel voucher and the tracking number. This is just a precautionary just in case you happen to lose the voucher during the mailing process. If you send the voucher through the mail to be redeemed, it will take between one to three days.


Can you use American Airlines travel voucher to book a flight for another person?

You can use the travel voucher from American Airlines to get a ticket for another person like you as the owner personally present it to the airlines. Make sure that the travel voucher is not expired. Be sure that this activity will take at least one or two hours of your day. If you happen to have your personal information filled in advance, then it might take you less time. Carry the passport of the other person with you as you go to use the voucher to pay a trip for another person just in case it is needed.

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