How To Receive Airline Mileage Credit Without Boarding Pass?

Is It Possible To Get Mileage Credit Even When You Don’t Have A Boarding Pass?

Let’s say that you took a flight a few months back and have totally forgotten where you have placed your boarding pass or whether you have thrown it away or not. Then you suddenly thought about checking your United Mileage Plus account and discovered that you haven’t received any points for your flight. So how do you get a mileage credit for such travel?


United Only Needs Boarding Pass Info!

Yup, you definitely heard that right! United could definitely resolve your problem if you would be able to provide them with your boarding pass details. You may not really have the physical boarding pass, but for as long as your details were accurately documented or recorded, then you could have your previous travel mileage credited to your account.

You can actually claim credit without any hassle at all. You simply have to go to the United MileagePlus member website and log into your account. Then enter your boarding pass details at the United Mileage Credit section. Then you could already claim your mileage credit.


So What Are The Details That You Must Know In Order To Do This?

  1. Your ticket number
  2. Your full name
  3. The flight number
  4. Your flight booking class
  5. The airport where you departed from
  6. The airport where you arrived
  7. Your travel day
  8. Where you were seated


When Would You Be Receiving The Credit?

Again, the period depends on your airline. For United Airlines, the period usually takes around 15 days from your departure day. Make sure to wait for at least fifteen days before you ask about any missed mileage credit.

  • For Alaska Mileage Credit, they post points around 14 days from the day of your flight. Don’t submit requests before this period ends.
  • For American Airlines Mileage Credit, they usually reflect the points in thirty days from the date of your flight.
  • For Delta Mileage Credit, they actually have a fast turnaround which is only seven days. In case that you discovered missed mileage credits, then you could call the management. You may send them your boarding pass details in order to accomplish the crediting.


Note that both Alaska and Delta would require the physical copy of your boarding pass in order for your mileage to be credited. So we suggest that you still take care of those boarding passes for future needs!


So When Can You Request Credit?

It really depends on the airlines but for Delta, they usually allow credit requests to be submitted for a maximum of nine months upon the travel date. For Alaska Airlines, it is only around six months. For United and American Airlines, they allow up to at most 12 months from your travel date.


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