How To Pack Hand Luggage For A Week/Short Vacation

Packing a huge suitcase could often be intimidating when only traveling for a week. That’s why a lot of people would rather be bringing a hand luggage for their weekend getaways. How about if you are planning on having an entire week in a certain destination and you just want to bring a hand luggage or carry on bag? Will the carry on suffice for the entire vacation? How do you make sure that there is enough space for everything? Or how to pack carry on for a short trip?

Let me say that it is definitely possible to pack everything in a cabin baggage. Follow these tips for a hassle-free packing of a carry on bag for a week trip.


How To Pack Hand Luggage For A Short/Week Vacation

Know Your Destinations

Whatever you pack must reflect your itinerary. You cannot pack a sleeveless dress for a winter Icelandic adventure, right? Organizing your luggage goes hand in hand with planning your itinerary.

By knowing your itinerary, you would be able to think more accurately of the things that must be included in your luggage. A cruise dinner will let you pack for a glamorous dress and a beautiful pair of shoes. A day on the beach will let you prepare the best bikinis for your body type. Having such knowledge will definitely make your travel preparations a lot easier. This will allow you to not bring things you don’t need and making packing clothes in carry-on for short trip much easier.


Choose Your Shoes Well

You cannot surely afford to be bringing one pair of shoes for every single day of your travel if you just want to have a hand luggage with you. The best solution is finding the perfect pair that could match the entire outfit in your luggage. Wear sneakers on the plane and just pack another pair of shoes in your carry-on luggage.


Packing Cubes Could Help A Lot

Traveling with a hand luggage for a week only could really be messy. You will need to have organization if you want just a small hand carry on to fit all your stuff for seven days. The use of packing cubes will certainly help you put everything in place and even make airport security check-up easier. You surely do not want to have falling panties or colognes falling from your suitcase when you suddenly need to get something from your bag, right?


Decide On A Travel Uniform

Have you ever read or heard the life hack that one factor to success is having a uniform? There are a lot of successful people who have proven that having particular sets of clothes for normal days could mean removing the unnecessary time devoted to choosing which apparel to wear for those days.

You only have to decide on your own set of travel uniform. It must be something that is appropriate to the weather and culture of your destination. This will certainly make life much easier for you and much easier when deciding on how to pack for a week trip with only hand luggage.

Apart from significantly adding more time to your every day, having a uniform also means being able to pack more efficiently. You can easily pair certain items like jeans and shirt together. You won’t have a hard time contemplating over which shoes or accessories could match your outfit. Just make sure that whatever outfit you have chosen gives you utmost comfort.


Repeat Wearing Certain Items

This may not sound sanitary on your part, but travel efficiency means foregoing of certain habits. You need to be accepting of certain practices such as repeating your clothes for two or more times so that you could save on the number of clothes to put in your suitcase. If you are wearing dark denim jeans, then I suggest that you use the same pair of pants for at least three days because it could be really heavy on your luggage to be bringing lots of denim. Topshop’s Leigh jeans is also a good choice for women because it is extremely comfortable and easy to clean.

Although I am encouraging you to use the same pants or jackets repeatedly, please do not do the same with your undies! You can actually bring lots of underwear because they are just light and small!


Just Bring One Warm Coat

If you have plans of traveling countries with an extremely cold climate, we suggest that you just bring one thick coat to survive the temperature. What’s wonderful with bringing a coat is that you could actually just wear it on the plane and such will no longer take space in your hand luggage. Also, a thick coat would surely suffice instead of bringing a couple of thick clothes for layers. If you have an extra space, you could still bring another one just to have something different for your photographs.

I suggest that you get a Northface coat to make the cold weather bearable or purchase a Jeans jacket for a gorgeous yet simple warming solution.


Make Use Of Hotel Toiletries

For your travels, it is definitely not advisable to bring your regular shampoo or conditioner. You have to be more flexible in order to make sure that every single thing could fit in your carry-on luggage and reduce the spaced needed for your carry-on. Hotel toiletries offer a wonderful solution to travelers. That’s why it is important to bring home the hotel toiletries in order to use them for your next travels.

Your Hand Luggage Should Meet The Size Requirements

Not all airlines would be accepting the same hand luggage sizes. You have to be aware of the acceptable sizes for your carry on. It would be wise to visit the website Cabin Max in order to be informed of the kind of luggage you can bring on the plane and have such luggage customized for you. Their prices are really inexpensive.

Personally, I always use the Oxford Trolley and Backpack which I bought for just an extremely low price. This luggage is taller than most of the suitcases available but it is also just thin that’s why I have no problems when it comes to fitting it in the cabins.

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