How To Give A Weekend Trip As A Gift

How do you approach gift-giving for those who appreciate nothing except anything that is about travel? Should you give travel pouches or passport holders? Are you the type of person who would go all his way to have a certain luggage tag customized for a friend? We’ll explain how to give a weekend trip as a gift

Admit that no traveler would ever really appreciate any kind of material thing or any fancy gift. Do you know the best present to give your traveler friend? It’s a weekend getaway or a simple hotel staycation! Don’t you find it more exciting to just search over travel applications for a weekend getaway that you can also be a part of or how to present a weekend away as a gift? You don’t just save yourself from the hassle of mall hopping but you also get a chance to relax with your loved one as well.

We understand the hesitation that surrounds the thought of just giving a travel getaway. How do you make your special someone appreciate it during the celebration of Christmas or Valentine’s Day per se? Isn’t it more exciting to have the traditionally wrapped present? What could be more wonderful than seeing your friend, parent, or fiancé happily surprised with a boxed gift all tied with a glamorous ribbon? Below are several ideas to help for those that want to know how to give a weekend trip as a gift.

Well, you only need to let your creativity working so that you could still achieve the surprised look and the happiest smile from your beloved. Let us help you give the greatest travel present. Follow any of these tips for an exciting gift giving experience.


How To Give A Weekend Trip As A Gift

Use Your Digital Creativity To Make A Personalized Voucher

If you are fond of creating do-it-yourself gifts, then this idea could surely be appealing to you. It will require time and effort on your part, but it will only make the act of giving and receiving even more special. Use your graphic design skills to create a voucher booklet with passes that can be redeemed by your special someone after performing special tasks for you or after certain conditions are met. Include passes for movie dates, hotel accommodations, boat cruise tickets, or whatever you want to experience during the tour.


Get An Old Suitcase And Make It Look Like A Prank

Who do you think will ever want to receive an old suitcase that he already owns? Well, this idea could all seem like a prank to your friend or special someone. He could be thinking that you are simply making a joke out the entire gift-giving night. It could create a laughing moment or an annoying scenario. Whatever happens, just do it and enjoy the funny reaction. Wait for a few minutes before you reveal the real reason for the choice of present.

But if you want to make things more fun and extravagant, you could surprise your special someone by filling the luggage with new clothes or new travel essentials for the particular tour that you have booked.


Steal Their Passport And Wrap It

With this special tip, you will also need some special skills. You need to make sure that you know where the special documents are kept. You also have to be very careful to steal it during the time when the passport will not be needed. Wrapping the passport will just make the night extra exciting!


Give A Tiny Souvenir Item For A Clue

Giving souvenir items during special celebrations such as Christmas, graduation, or Valentine’s Day is not totally acceptable. But for fun, try giving something that is related to the travel destination that you are planning to go to. If you are visiting the romantic country of France, you may try giving an Eiffel Tower postcard or a French pastry for a hint.


Share A Personal Diary With Written Notes

What’s more personal than by giving a diary as a gift? Well, that could mean that you are ready to share all the details of your life with that special person. But how do you think would he or she react? Do you think that a diary with written marks could make him or her happy?

Let the initial reaction pass. Wait until he or she reads the marked dates of your travel. You may include an itinerary of your tour or even your plane tickets on the diary. There would surely be a sudden change in his or her mood!


Wrap A Guidebook For A Hint

If you are targeting to create confusion on the look of your special someone, why don’t you give a guidebook on a particular occasion? Wrap a guidebook in a special paper and watch until he or she blurts out a questioning tone or gives out a forceful smile. Pretend that you are sincerely offering just a guidebook and see if he or she will suddenly realize the hint of a travel getaway.

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