How To Find Deal For A Cruise To Antarctica

There are several ports in the world that you can use depending on the specific place you want to visit in Antarctica. The most regular and popular service you will get is from Ushuaia in Argentina. The services of other ports have been chartered, and you will have to make an advance reservation, and the cruises are also longer. Ushuaia Port is the nearest to the continent. The high season in Antarctica is during the summer which starts from November to February.

It is during this time when you can go to the Antarctica office and pay and aboard a ship for your cruise at the last minute. Some people pay for the ship and change their mind before it leaves, and this is some of the spaces a last minute person is given.


Cost Of A Cruise To Antarctica

Cruise Cost

The costs to Antarctica on last-minute cruises vary from time to time. One prudent thing to do is to go through the internet and search for the cost charged on the cruises. There are times the company has promotions, and the costs may be a little lower. On the lower side, the cruise may cost you between $3000 and $3500 while on the higher side the cruise will cost you between $4000 and $4500. It will be difficult to get a last minute cruise at a low price. You can get lucky with a discount, but it is quite rare. Remember that there are triple and double rooms. A cruise for $3500 is fair enough, but this will depend on your personal preference.


Taking A Flight To Ushuaia

The amount you pay for a flight to Ushuaia will depend on where you are coming from. Before you get to Argentina, you will first have to stop at Buenos Aires. This is because there is a connection in this airport for most flights going to Argentina. The only two airlines that travel to Ushuaia are the Aerolineas Argentinas and LAN Airlines.

The most recommendable airline to use is LAN whose company is located in Chile. This is among the most efficient companies in the world. People who have lived in both Argentina and Chile will attest to that. The cost you pay for the flight will be the same in all seasons, and it will range from $300 to $500.

It will take you around 3.5 hours to get to Ushuaia when going on a direct flight. Take good care of your luggage if you happen to be taking a connecting flight. Some people have had challenges with this, and I am sure you do not want to go through the baggage claim to get your luggage. Aerolineas Argentinas has at some instances delayed their flights, and you would not like that either.


Taking A Bus To Ushuaia

One of the most effective and efficient parts of the economy of Argentina is bus transportation. This is the ideal means of transport to get here for travelers on a tight budget. The busses traveling to Argentina are not the Greyhound buses from the olden days where you have to stay upright for the whole journey. These busses are luxurious double-decker with Wi-Fi, offering liquor and wine, serving breakfast and dinner and also fully reclining. The busses are more than comfortable.

There will be no bus traveling directly to Ushuaia from Buenos Aires. The buses will have to go through Rio Gallegos city. If you have enough time, make a point of visiting Patagonia city. You can be assured it is an incredible city to visit. Buy your bus ticket early in advance at Retiro bus station. You can purchase the ticket on the same day you are traveling, but it is always wise to make your plans earlier.



Try and board the smallest ship you can find since Antarctica allows only 100 people to be somewhere at a time. You may not get to the continent of Antarctica if you bard the last minute ship carrying 500 people. Take a ship that carries approximately 90 to 130 people. The most inexpensive cruise will take ten to eleven days.

Most people want to use the least amount of money when it comes to traveling. Look for the last minute cruises charging the least cost. Go through the internet, and you may be lucky to get some discounted cruises.


Cruise Itineraries

The information given below on the cruises are just estimates. There are times when you may take longer than expected due to weather. The weather at the Drake Passage which is the route to take to Antarctica cannot be predicted.


Ushuaia To Antarctica Peninsula

The cruise from Ushuaia to Antarctica will take you around ten or eleven days. It will take you four to five days on the water and four to six days while on the continent.

Ushuaia To Antarctic Convergence

Getting to Antarctic Convergence from Ushuaia will take between ten to thirteen days. You will take four to six days while on water and seven to nine days traveling around and in Antarctica

Ushuaia To Falklands Island To South Georgia Island

This whole trip will cost you approximately $12k to $15k. The cruise to Antarctica will take around 22 days. You will spend approximately eight to ten days on the sea, one or two days at the Islands of Falkland and two to three days in Islands of Georgia.

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