How JetBlue Family Pooling Account Works And Policies

Would you like to experience travel rewards much easier and faster? Then we have a good news for you! JetBlue Family Pooling Account is where you can pool all the TrueBlue points that all your spouse, parents, and children have earned. This will make redemption a lot faster and easier!

TrueBlue points may not be that useful for international flights using the reputable and popular airlines, but it would still be good to have these points whenever you are having the JetBlue flights.

Maybe you are used to having the American AAdvantage miles or the United MileagePlus points which are very commonly used for international flights, but I don’t think that they offer family pooling accounts yet. As we all know, it would be very seldom to see US airlines to be offering family pooling accounts, and it would really be advantageous to have the JetBlue feature. To know how it works, check out the following tips to learn all about JetBlue Family Pooling Account questions.


JetBlue Family Pooling Account: How It Works

The Age For Adults Is 21 Years Old And Above

According to the terms of JetBlue, an adult is actually any passenger who is 21 years old and above while those who are under the age of 21 are still considered as children. What’s so wonderful about this? That only means that you and your spouse can actually enjoy the benefits together with all your children or teenagers!


Point Contribution Can Be Changed Once A Year

The individual TrueBlue points of every member will only be contributed according to the predetermined percentage at the start of the account registration. If you intend to change the percentage of points to be contributed, you have to wait for another year because you may only change during the anniversary of your registration date.


There Is A Designated Head Of Household That Is Responsible For The Account Management

Yup, the family pooling account still requires a leader! This only means that the designated Head of the Household will be the one who can redeem the pooled points for the award tickets. All the members can only contribute to the family account. Also, you cannot take back the points that you have contributed. Sounds fair, right?


The Head Is The One To Invite Members While Members Contribute Points

Don’t be afraid that your points will immediately go to the family pooling account without your permission. Actually, you will have the sole discretion on how much points you are willing to transfer to the pooled account. You are allowed to transfer a minimum of 10% to your Family Account.


You Can Enroll A Maximum Of Two Adults And Five Children

Imagine, you can actually pool all the points that you have earned with the other six members of your immediate family! Isn’t that amazing? Let’s say that you travel quite often with your family, then you can easily have your points redeemed without waiting for too long. Just take note that you must have a minimum of two members enrolled and that you may only use the pooling account for immediate family members. That won’t really work with your grandparents or uncles except if they live with you.

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