Hacks To Save Money On Europe Trip – 2018/2019 Edition

If you are a fan of traveling then it is most probable that you want to visit Europe. At times you may be willing but it becomes impossible because of the cost. If this is the case, I have good news for you. I will feed you with information that will help you to visit Europe at a low cost. This 17 travel hacks will help you out to get the best out of your Europe Travel at a minimum cost and also will help you to spend more time in Europe and visit more places.


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Hacks To Save Money On Europe Trip – 2018 Edition

  1. Travel Off Season

    One of the worst times of visiting Europe is during summer. There are two main reasons as to why you should consider traveling during the offseason. The first reason is because the museum has uncontrollably long queues, the hotels are booked and the prices are hiked during this season. The other thing is that this is not the authentic time to experience the greatness of Europe.

    Europe residents also flee from Europe during this time and go to other places to have more peaceful holidays. It does not only happen in large cities like Rome and Paris but also in other small countries and towns in the eastern and central Europe. The hot weather and hikes prices will keep you toe tapping and elbow nudging and it is an experience you will not like to have.

    Therefore try visiting Europe any other month apart from June, July and August. If you still insist to visit Europe during the summer season then it is crucial to learn the exact places that are less crowded. Prices will also hike in the Month of December due to the Christmas and New Year but this is expected during this month.

  2. Find A Focus

    It is crucial to have clue and the plan for the places you will visit before you land in Europe. The possibilities of the places to visit are endless starting from Kiev, Moscow, Vienna, Prague, London, Paris, and Rome, name them all. Have a focus on the places you intend to visit and stick to it. If you want to experience the Modern World History, consider going to eastern or the central part of Europe.

    If you are interested with the hidden gems, then the cost and east of Baltic States will offer you this. It will not be possible to explore the entire Europe at one time. You will have to take multiple trips to say that you have had Enough of Europe that you will most likely not have. Choose the places to visit depending on your interests. Let us see some ideas on how to begin saving money on Europe trip.

  3. Travel To Countries Not On The Euro

    The other way is to consider going to countries that do not use Euros. Consider going to countries like Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia or Bulgaria will help you save on euro trip. Ensure that you take advantage of the exchange rates in these countries. There are however countries that do not use Euros and are expensive due to their economy like Sweden, Denmark and UK.

  4. Know How To Price Compare

    You can only be able to compare prices if you know what you are required to pay in different places. It is crucial to do a research to get budget airlines that will save you money. Consider different budget airlines and choose one with the lowest cost and good services.

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  5. Book x2 One-Way Tickets

    Are you planning to visit Europe? If yes then I know you are willing to visit the multiple famous places in the country. In the past, people thought it was cheap to book a return ticket right at your country before you leave. With the changing time, it has become cheaper to book a one way ticket and get a return ticket at your final destination. This means that you will move from one place to place and you do not have to get back to the starting point to get a plane back to your country. This will assist you greatly especially if your intentions are to fly from the eastern side to the western side, for instance, if you are flying out Paris after landing at Moscow.

  6. Stay Central + Walk Everywhere

    Getting accommodation outside the city so as to save money is an old trick but it may no longer work this days. Getting accommodation in a central place especially around your places of visit will save you time you need for commuting and transportation cost. Also consider walking to places that are not too far instead of using public transport. This will not only save money in Europe but also help you have a greater view of the new environment.

  7. Save Money By Rail

    Using airlines to travel from one place to another is quite expensive. You will have to add an extra cost for transportation since many of the airlines are outside the city. If you have luggage, then this also means an extra cost. Save yourself this hustle by traveling through rail. Save more hugely by doing ticket booking early in advance.

  8. Avoid Museum Fees

    Avoiding fees at the museums is the other way to save money during your tours in Europe. For instance, you will have free entry at Louvre when you visit on any first Sunday of the month. This will be a great way of reducing the cost of your budget. Swing your schedule a little and avoid the museum entrance fees as much as possible.

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  9. Free Entertainment All Around

    You can go for great shows like Broadway, Cirque du Soleil and Moulin Rouge for a fee but free entertainment is more enjoyable. It could be a show where people watch from a sidewalk or at the public park, even a free event, but there is always something interesting about free entertainment.

  10. Eat With The Season

    Decreasing the cost of food by going for picnics with your own food is great but you can increase these budgeting skills by eating with season.

  11. Try Stick To Family Run Businesses

    The best way to save money in Europe without spending in greasy curbs and other poorly maintained apartments is to always consider using businesses that are run by a family. This will be a great deal and it will not only save you money but you will get comfort for your family and a good value for your money. Make tour operators, restaurants and hotels run by families a great bet during your Europe Travel.

  12. Have A “Plan A”  And A “Plan B” For Handling Your Money

    It is crucial that you have a definite plan on how you will handle your finances during your trip to Europe. It is quite expensive to get money from the ATM and exchanging this cash is both risky and costly. Do a research and see some of the best credit cards to use during the visit. One of the best is the 28 Degrees MasterCard since it does not make any charges when used as credit card. This has really made it popular.

  13. Tourist Information Centers At The Airport

    Visiting tourist information is among the first things you should do as soon as you land in Europe. This will help you to save money in Europe and time. It is good to make a plan on your trip. Tourist information will give you a lot of options to choose from. Here you will get a advice and any information you need for free which will help you make the best decision for the exact places you will tour and also where to get accommodation.

  14. Free Wi-Fi Is All Around

    Today you will find connectivity to wi-fi in almost all the areas in the city. The best thing about this wi-fi is that it is free. It does not matter where you are either in the Starbucks, McDonalds and a main square. All you do logging in and using the free Wi-Fi.

  15. Rent An Apartment Or Private Room

    Getting a private room or an apartment especially if you are in a group is a great way to save you money. You can use sites like Wimdu.com and Airbnb.com and here you will get a great place. On top of the savings you will have an opportunity to live like a local.


  16. Serious Savings: Couchsurfing + Housesitting

    To stay completely free in Europe, visit Mindmyhouse.com and Couchsurfing.com. And you heard me right, completely free!

  17. Picnics All Day Every Day

It can become so expensive when you pay high prices for everything when traveling starting right from transportation, food and accommodation. One of the soundest ways you can reduce this costs is by taking snacks as you go or taking foods from the supermarket. You can have fun from this an especially if you are traveling with friends to get foods from the supermarkets and enjoying your picnic probably under the Eiffel Tower. You can also make this even more fun by buying some champagne for a great experience and is a great way for a Europe saving money tips.

Know The Countries + Cities To Visit

Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade is the wonderful cheap place to travel in Europe. On top of this, it is a one of the best charming capital city you will ever visit. The locals there are hospitable and too welcoming to visitors. The prices for hotels and food is extremely cheap.


Berlin, Germany

Germany is a country with a thriving economy and Berlin the capital city you would not expect it to be on the list of this cheapest place to travel in Europe. It has one of the best places for vegetarians that are quite affordable. There will be so many options for you until you do not know what to choose.


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Herzegovina and Bosnia are some of the best places you will love in Europe. It is a country on the beaten path, ridiculously affordable and also one of the most underrated. It is fun and affordable.



Looking for an all savings place to go? Malta is an ideal option to visit. Everything here from fun nights, transport, to food is quite affordable, and they will help you save greatly.



There is a high probability that you have not considered visiting Moldova in the past. It is just one of the other underrated countries in Europe. It is affordable and one of the cheapest destination to tour in Europe.


Prague, Czech Republic

If you are planning to visit Central Europe, then do not miss to visit Prague. One of the main reasons you should visit this place is to view the architecture here. The Czech Republic is one country in Europe that still used its local currency meaning you can save quite a lot because of the exchange rate.



Portugal is a popular country and most especially for its affordability. This will however for a long time because tourism here is on the growth. If you are planning to visit this place at a lower cost, then you should do it as soon as possible before the prices increase. The best place to begin touring in Portugal is Lisbon. You can then go to Algarve in the south or Oporto in northern Portugal.



On top of the great beauty of Romania, this city is a beaten path and does not use Euros and thus one of the cheapest places to tour in Europe. Tourism in this place is rising and the soon you get to this destination the better.



The economy of Russia has not been doing well in recent days and especially in Ruble. Though some neighboring cities have had chaos in the past cities like St Petersburg and Moscow are safe to tour. They offer eye-opening experiences and a wide variety of culture and history. It is a fantastic place to visit although the politics here are questionable.


Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw is the capital city of Poland. It has incredibly affordable services. It is a great place to start your Poland tour as you head to the east.


The Highlights in Europe


Starting in London will give you a great experience especially for people who are coming from New York and want to save the much they spend on flights. If you are coming from other far countries, then you should consider airports that charge fewer taxes like Ireland and Dublin. Once you land in London, you can consider traveling by air or train to Amsterdam. You can also pass through Paris to French Riviera and also go through some Italy hotspots and finally land to Germany Bavaria.


Discovering the East


Eastern Europe is a great place to tour. You can never have enough of it no matter how many times you visit. Things there are cheap this making it why many people love to visit the places. Start your journey at the capital of Russia, and the services will wow you. You can stay here and learn how it managed to survive the turmoil and turbulence sufferance over the years. You will delight to see their underground metro stations that look stunning and Orthodox churches. You can then go to St Petersburg through a high-speed train and learn about the history of Russia from the tiles of Peter the Great to the Russian regality. From there you can take a ferry to Tallin in Estonia and then head to Riga. The beauty and awesomeness of this Baltic city will leave you puzzled.


Staying Central


If you desire to uncover and venture the awe-inspiring and authentic hotspots in central Europe, then the best place to start this journey is at Munich. If you do not want to start here, you also have an option of starting at Frankfurt. From the start you can head to the Czech Republic, go to Vienna through the train, to Bratislava to Budapest and finish your tour at Krakow in Poland.


Visiting the North


The most expensive places you can go in Europe are the countries in the North. You, therefore, need to have a good budget before your tour to these countries. Make your tour more rewarding and viable by traveling at a slower pace.

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